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10 Calming Crystals for Stress Relief & Anxiety.

10 Calming Crystals for Stress Relief & Anxiety.

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Life is beautiful, and you should enjoy every moment of it. Sometimes, however, our hectic schedule can get the worse out of us. We have bills to pay, deadlines to meet, and social life to keep up with. But what is there to do in those days you feel you can barely get out of bed in the morning, yet you can’t find any way to fall asleep faster at night. Most of the time, anxiety and stress are the ones keeping us up at night and preventing us from enjoying life as we should unless you are using calming crystals.

If you believe you tried out everything and yet anxiety still finds its way back to cloud your mind, maybe there is another option – crystal healing. Calming crystals have been used for centuries for their healing properties. Some use them for prosperity, others to find love, and some use them to find their way back to the calmness within.

If you are willing to give calming crystals a chance to help you regain your inner peace but don’t know where to start, the following seven are easy to find, and each has its way of healing and nurturing your soul. 

1. Amethyst – To Zen Your Spirit

Antique Amethyst ring used as Birthstone for February
Antique amethyst ring in channel setting. Amethyst is known for its uplifting energy.

A favorite of many, the amethyst is a purple crystal often called “the intuitive eye,” as it is associated with both the third eye chakra and the crown, the two most spirituals of the seven chakras. The amethyst is known for its uplifting energy and can help remind you to keep an open perspective instead of getting too caught up in the stress of daily life. 

Besides soothing your tense spirit, the amethyst calming crystal is known to bring clarity in troubled times, so that you can better evaluate whatever situation you are experiencing. By connecting itself to the crown chakra, the most potent spirit chakra, the amethyst will send peaceful rays of energy wherever you may need them. 

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2. Calcite – To Soothe Your Emotions

pink calcite stone
Pink calcite opens your heart to love

Its gentleness makes calcite not only a beautiful crystal to look at, but also a compelling one. Calcite calming crystals are easy to recognize, mostly due to its cloudy, almost milky appearance, infused with pastel shades. Each of these colorful shades has its healing properties, but all just as powerful. Blue calcite can help relieve anxiety, pink calcite opens your heart to love, and orange calcite improves your mood.

When the world seems too loud, too hard to bear, or too crowded, the range of negative emotions you feel can be overwhelming just as little as holding a calcite calming crystals for a few minutes can help tone down those negative emotions and lift the burden of your shoulders.  

3. Lithium Quartz – To Relieve Anxiety

lithium quartz stone

Quartz, no matter its type, is known to amplify energy. Because it is effortless to connect with, quartz crystals are excellent for those less experienced crystal lovers. However, if you are looking for a crystal to calm your anxious feelings, lithium quartz is your best option. Many call it the ultimate calming crystal and for a good reason. 

Lithium is known to a critical ingredient in some anti-anxiety treatments, which makes the lithium quartz the perfect option for those that feel uneasy. It helps you find emotional balance and soothes your mind, making anxiety vanish for a long time.  

4. Blue Lace Agate – To soften attitude and improve communication

Blue lace agate

Nothing is more calming crystals than the blue shades of water flowing peacefully. The same tones and properties are found in the blue lace agate, which can help clean your aura from the stress that comes with poor communication. 

Its blue colors and properties are associated with the throat chakra, which is the source for verbal expression and communication. By connecting with the blue lace agate, you will be able to speak your mind with gentleness and kindness, tempering your attitude and elevating your state of mind.

To make the most out of your connection to this crystal, hold it in your hands, bring it close to your eyes, and take three deep breathes focusing on it. 

5. Lepidolite – To achieve deep relaxation.

lepidolite crystal
lepidolite crystal

For those of you with an overactive mind that seems not to calm down, no matter what, the lepidolite is precisely what you need. Yet another crystal connected to the crown chakra, the lepidolite, is made from natural lithium and can help promote deep relaxation. It is believed to be one of the best crystals to help with mood swings and stress due to its high lithium concertation.  

The best time to connect with the calming lepidolite crystal is right before you go to bed, to help you achieve deep relaxation and enter dream state during sleep. Put it under your pillow or close to your head for tranquil sleep. 

6. Celestite – To cast your fears away.

celestite as a calming stone

Fear can bring out the worst in some people, which is why you need to keep it under control. The celestite crystal is known to help put chaotic and fearful thoughts at ease, helping you achieve clarity and peace.

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What makes celestites stones so powerful is that this calming crystals are believed to be connected not with one, but three chakras – heart, third eye, and crown chakra, the holy trinity that helps achieve the highest realms of serenity. Its calming energy enables you to find the safety you need to let go of your fears. 

Calming crystals have been used for centuries for their healing properties. Some use them for prosperity, others to find love, and some use them to find their way back to the calmness within.

7. Fluorite – To banish negativity.

fluorite crystal
Fluorite Crystal

Sometimes, negative thoughts cloud our judgment and prevent us from seeing things. The fluorite, which is connected to the crown chakra, is believed to help banish negative thoughts and leave room for rational thinking. Just like the crown chakra, it will help reawaken inner wisdom and pave the road to self-knowledge. 

If your mind starts going down a spiral of negativity, hold a piece of fluorite and concentrate on it. It will help sharpen the blade you need to cut through the chaos and identify the core of your issues. You will be able to gain perspective when feeling overwhelmed and approach the problem with a positive and calm mindset.  

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8. Rose Quartz

roze quartz stones

The Rose Quartz has a gloriously positive nature which makes this a wonder. A gentle stone that is famous for its shimmering ability to attract love. For those who need reminding to amp up the self-love, Rose Quartz will keep you in-tune.

9. Moonstone


It is no surprise to hear that Moonstone has the magic to clear these clouds of anxiety by harnessing all this divine and feminine power. Moonstone will guide you where you need to be if you feel out of touch, out of kilter or lost in the darkness.

10. Rhodonite

Rhodonite is often used as an aid in overcoming deep traumas.

As pale and beautiful as a dawn in the spring, Rhodonite is often used as an aid in overcoming deep traumas. This nurturing crystal will certainly help you to wave, when you tend to suffer waves of anxiety and panic attacks..

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