10 Different Types Of Amethyst You Didn’t Know About (With Photos)

type of amethyst

Amethyst, with its easily recognizable rich violet tones, is striking, soothing, fascinating. It has been a treasured gem for centuries, found everywhere and purportedly possessing various healing and metaphysical properties. Between its dazzling and unique color, its rich history, and the variety of shapes and shades available to modern jewelry makers, it could easily be the ideal extension to your jewelry finding. There are many types of amethyst you didn’t know so lets explore them.

What Is Amethyst? 

Amethyst is a variety of quartz that arises in various colors of purple and violet. This unusual hue is caused by the interaction of iron contained in each crystal and the gamma rays that pass through them. 

It is considered one of the most widespread and valuable quartz gemstones for various reasons, not the least unique color and easy moldability in the gem world. The striking yet affordable material often features assorted jewelry and other decorative pieces, ranging from massive, raw geodes to eye-catching statement beads. 

The name “amethyst” is originated from the Greek word for sober, amethystos (also known as amethyst).

In Greek belief, it is said that Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, provided the stone the capability to protect the wearer from drunkenness. For this reason, many people who struggle with alcohol addiction wear amethyst as a talisman of mental clarity and support. On the other hand, the ancient Egyptians believed that amethyst gave courage and protection to the wearer, and Egyptian princess Cleopatra is said to have worn an amethyst ring. Today, amethyst is one of the most famous gems and is used as the birthstone of February. For spiritual people, it represents the spiritual center of the body, the crown of chakras, and many cardinal rings and rosaries mark it. 


Some of the greatest producers of natural amethyst are located in Bolivia, Brazil, Tanzania, Uruguay, Zambia, and Arizona. Before the 19th century, amethyst was very expensive and, due to its relative rarity, only accessible to the rich. Since then, however, large deposits have been found worldwide, and amethyst is now widely available and affordable.    

Individual Types of Amethyst & Varieties  

Quartz crystals come in various colors, including black amethyst and the beautiful, recently discovered pink amethyst crystal. Other crystals in this group are Brandberg Amethyst, an old-fashioned rock from Canada identified as Auralite 23. 

Amethyst and cacoxenite crystals from Brazil also belong to the amethyst family and have intense spiritual energy. Amethyst with a red tip (Auralite-23) is red hematite mixed with violet stones and other minerals, representing exciting energy. The above embody powerful vibrations and bring with them impressive healing aspects. 

Those who prefer deep violet crystals are popular, and lavender, violet, and light violet stones have similar energy. The beautiful transparent lavender crystals of the Vera Cruz variety are famous for their high vibrations, which contribute to spiritual healing.

Prasiolite is the name of a green variety of quartz, believed to belong to the amethyst family. It is also referred to as green amethyst, but it is not a type of amethyst, and I will not elaborate on it on this page. 

Amegreen is a mixture of violet and green quartz that carries the heart energy of prasiolite. Ametrine is a violet-yellow stone, and chevron amethyst is a beautiful stone mixed with violet and white quartz. 

Amethyst Cacoxenite 

Amethyst Cacoxenite

Like all other amethyst types, amethyst and cacoxenite are strong psychic protective stones that are also helpful healing crystals as they transmit the violet fire energy. They come from the same area as the famous Melody Stone of the Super Seven, but they are not identical with many quality crystals. 

They resonate high, which is a decisive action that can contribute to spiritual healing and help you develop a strong connection with the mind. Amethyst cacoxenite is also suitable for promoting clairvoyance and psychic hearing, stimulating improved intuition, and promoting telepathic gifts. It is up to you to develop psychic gifts by using these crystals in meditation to improve your ability to create new psychic skills. 


ametrine is one the types of amethyst that is very popular.

An excellent blend that can help promote mental clarity, inspiration, and spiritual healing. Ametrine is a beautiful stone mixed with purple amethyst and yellow citrine crystals. It means that it embodies the energy of these crystals. 

This beautiful crystal combines many powerful attributes of citrine and fuses it with amethyst energy to create attractive assets in your life. This blend of crystals brings together male and female powers to help you let go of substance addiction, help with weight loss and accelerate your willpower. There are particular pages dedicated to this crystal to learn more about its benefits in healing and spirituality



The green prasiolite contained in these stones has a beautiful calming effect and is also helpful for healers as it increases both physical and mental healing. Amegreen is beautiful heart-based energy related to the Green Prasiolites. 

These stones strongly affect healing and bring violet flame energy and a white spirit of light into play in healing situations. In meditation, white quartz brings from the soul white light and spirit to the star chakra in the heart’s crown (third eye). Purple amethyst stones have an excellent effect of promoting psychic gifts, including psychic visions and prophecy.    

Auralite 23 

Auralite 23

Auralite (23) is an exciting quartz crystal that consists of chevron and amethyst, combined with many other minerals added to it. That is, seventeen other minerals make up the mixture. In many stones, you will find bright red hematite and quartz. Like all stones, quartz crystals have a high vibration.

They are a helpful healing stone and a soothing and soothing stone for meditation. Like amethyst, Auralite has a good effect in helping you develop psychic abilities and support your spiritual growth, which is why they are known as ascension stones.

Black Amethyst 

Black Amethyst

Black amethyst crystals have many properties in common with the purple crystals that most of us know. Most are violet in color, matte black, and contain other minerals with additional metaphysical properties. Black amethyst is a good crystal that can be used in meditation because, like purple amethyst, it stimulates the higher chakras. 

In contrast to other amethysts, black amethyst crystal is a solid psychological protective stone, as it also has a strong grounding vibration. It is not very common and can be found at any good crystal supplier.    



Brandberg crystals are also known as Brandberg Amethyst or Brandberg Quartz. Many pieces resemble smoky quartz and much Lodalite quartz, which is an exciting mixture of minerals. But not all Brandbergs are purple pieces. They are sold as Brandenberg quartz with the wrong spelling.    

They have many crystal properties as the well-known violet amethyst, but they have a higher vibration. They are beautiful and have intense energy, which makes them excellent healing crystals. Some famous authors misspell it, so there is some confusion.

Their coloration varies greatly; some are deep violet, others have slight violet coloration, and still, others are brownish and resemble smoky quartz. There are many transparent quartz violet phantoms. 

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They have excellent metaphysical qualities and can be used for spiritual growth. They help you to expand your consciousness and to balance all aspects of your being. 

They are high vibration crystals with high spiritual energy that can help increase your vibration and help you receive guidance from spiritual teachers in higher realms. They can also be used as chakras to activate and realign your energy. 

Red Tipped Amethyst

Red Tipped Amethyst

These crystals provide good energy protection and help you stay grounded. Red Tip Amethyst is an exciting energy combination as the red tip consists of a coating of the mineral hematite. The stone coating is a mixture of violet and dark brown quartz. It is an energetic fusion of amethyst and smoke quartz oscillations and the mineral, which contributes to the total energy.

Use meditations to learn more about your life path, such as how to get healthy, what you can do, etc. 

Elestial Amethyst 

Elestial Amethyst

The Heavenly Amethyst embodies its energy, and like the amethyst, the Heavenly Formation takes its power to a higher level. Look at these amethyst properties to know how the formation brings its capabilities to the highest spiritual level. 

Use them for meditation and get in touch with a specific teacher or guide if required, e.g., Etc.

There is no definitive purpose behind the emergence of this celestial formation. In times of spiritual, emotional, and physical healing needs, more and more crystals of this kind are coming to light. It is related to his actions to promote spirituality and establish a strong connection with celestial beings and spirits. It helps to solve old karmic problems that have not been dealt with. 

Pink Amethyst 

Pink Amethyst

Pink Amethyst is a newly discovered crystal variety that came to light in Patagonia, Argentina. There is some controversy about where it was found, but it is amethyst, and geologists have performed spectroscopic analyses to determine its composition. Pink amethyst is everywhere and belongs to the family. 

Its energy is reminiscent of purple amethyst, as it has a gentle, soft, and friendly energy that resembles lavender and amethyst light. It brings emotional healing on a different level than purple amethysts. Its energy has a unique feel, which is an added value to this listing in this variety. Pink Amethyst is beautiful, flowing, loving, and has an effect that will surprise you. Its colors are attractive in that they are not all pink, such as lavender, purple, light peach pink, but they vary from light, soft stone tones to deep peach-pink tones. 

Its beautiful spiritual energy is excellent for meditation and can help you to make simple spiritual connections. It is also known as rose quartz but is different from rose quartz because both have a strong resonance with the heart chakra and their highest. If you get a piece of this beautiful crystal and place it near the place where you spend most of your time, it will have an excellent effect of lifting you.

Chevron Amethyst  

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst is unusual because it is a mixture of different quartz colors occurring in a triangular or V-shaped chevron, hence the name. It is a mixture of white snow quartz and multi-colored amethyst, and it is beautiful.

Chevron Amethyst embodies a robust spiritual vibration that is strong enough for meditation and is known as the Ascension Stone. It has vital energy that creates calm, and it can help relieve stress and tension and help you sleep better. There is also a variety called Smoky Chevron Amethyst, which has black and purple ribbons in the Chevron shape. 

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