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10 Healing Chakra Stones and Their Meanings

10 Healing Chakra Stones and Their Meanings

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Introduction to 10 Healing Chakra Stones

Everybody has spiritual power in their body. Humans have seven psychic energy centers in their bodies. These spiritual energies are called chakras, including Root Chakra, Sacral, and The Solar Plexus chakra.

There is also the Heart Chakra, Throat, and Third eye Chakra as part of your psychic energy centers. Finally, there is the Crown Chakra. Each is different and affects the body differently.

Now. Chakra healing is a treatment that focuses on influencing the energy moving through these energy centers in the human body. It involves Chakra balancing to restore the absolute balance between these energy centers.

How does Chakra healing work?

Chakra healing restores balance to your energy centers. It ensures that the chakra system is functioning correctly. When it does, it bears properties like:

  • Balance and overall chakra equilibrium
  • The distinction between the frequencies associated with each Chakra
  • Appropriate energy levels of each Chakra
  • Appropriate energy flow direction
  • Appropriate polarity

A single Chakra cannot work alone. It must be in a system to deliver on its properties and benefits. Therefore, when you undertake Chakra healing, you balance the dynamic and interrelated series of energy centers.

But most importantly, you must understand each of the seven chakras and how they interact with others.

Why do you use stones for Chakra healing?

It may seem odd initially, but stones aid in your overall wellbeing. Stones, which are fossilized minerals, vibrate at a specific frequency. Their frequencies and energies help your body, mind, and soul complement your chakra energy.

Healing chakra stones/crystals has been a form of therapy for a long time. The vibrations from the stones set in motion the stimulation and healing of your chakra energy. These stones also help cleanse and remove any negative energy from the body.

Ten best healing chakra stones

The seven chakras have seven associated colors. Root Chakra is red, which means that most healing chakra stones you will find on this list will be red, corresponding to the chakra center.

The red stones provide a sense of protection and complement the grounding energy, thus healing the root chakra. You can also find some brown or black stones associated with stability and protection.

The same goes for other chakras. For instance, the crown Chakra is violet/white-colored, while the heart chakra is green. Therefore, there will be many violet stones for healing the crown chakra and a lot of green for the heart chakra.

The top 10 healing chakra stones include:

Rock Crystal

mens protection bracelet
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These clear, colorless quartz glass crystals help heal the crown chakra. The stone symbolizes understanding, clarity, awareness, memory, and attention.

During healing, the rock crystal helps in harmonizing your physical body, including your brain, nerves, and hormones. It also helps to strengthen the effects of other chakra healing stones.


chevron amethyst jewelry
chevron amethyst pendants

Second, on the list is a violet crystal for healing your Third eye chakra. Using the stone opens up your perception and helps you find inner peace. It is also suitable for your brains, nerves, lungs, and skin.

If you have a problem with your blood pressure, you can combine the amethyst crystal with rock crystal for healing.


This blue crystal represents the throat Chakra. It heals by bringing back your self-determination, vision, concentration, and inspiration. It is also suitable for endurance, communication, and physical conditions like allergies, autoimmune diseases, and thyroid problems.


green emerald stone

For your heart Chakra, you can use the green emerald stone. It brings peace to your heart by focusing only on harmony, beauty, and compassion.

With the emerald healing chakra stone, you can find meaning, insights, beauty, and growth. It also helps to support your cardiovascular health detoxification and improve your eyes.

Yellow Calcite

As yellow as the sun, they say. The honey-yellow calcite takes care of your solar plexus chakra. It provides perseverance, stability, and strength.

By using this stone, you also build trust and strengthen your personality. Physically, it works for your skin, metabolic control, and bones.

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This hematite-like quart is dark orange and focuses on the Sacral Chakra. Healing your sacral Chakra restores your strength, courage, honesty, bravery and brings joy. It also helps in improving your circulation and thermoregulation.


January Birstone Heart Ring
Engagement Ring with Garnet heart shape.

At the tailbone of your body, there is the Root Chakra. Root Chakra is vital in your health and wellbeing. It keeps you grounded and secure. The high vibrations bring back your trust and improve your survival instincts.

Since Root Chakra connects us to Mother Nature, the garnet chakra healing stone, a deep red, aluminous silicate stone, will help you. It helps bring back your self-confidence, willpower, and resilience.


This black stone works well to heal your root chakra. It helps boost self-confidence and self-esteem while resolving chakra issues like financial worries and poverty consciousness.

Rose quartz

These soft-rounded stones strengthen your empathy and sensuality. They connect the heart and the stomach, thus developing love, openness, and warmth. Physically, using these chakra healing stones could be your cardiovascular tonic and improve your blood circulate.


Hematite, iron oxide, polished stone on isolated white background

The red/black stone focuses on your courage, survival, willpower, and instincts. It derives its energy from the earth. It somewhat pulls root chakra energy from the ground to keep you grounded.

Thus, you can make logical decisions and transform negative energy into positive energy.

The state of your Chakra affects your life experiences. Whether you want to become more positive, empathetic, or make sober decisions, healing your Chakra is the way to go. Adverse experiences may block your energy flow through your chakras. When that happens, you will need a chakra healing session.

Depending on the Chakra you want to focus on, you can use any of the above-listed Chakra healing stones.

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