10 Things You Should Know About Three Stone Engagement Rings

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A brilliant past. A fabulous present. A future of promise. When you propose the love of your life, you generate an eternal memory, which all time has been and will be shared. You need a unique sign for this particular memory. And the best choice is a three-stone engagement ring, which symbolizes the past, the present, and the future!

But did you know these 10 things or facts about three stone engagement ring?

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In The 15th Century, The Three Stone Engagement Ring “Trinity” Style Emerged.

What is the three stone engagement ring and pianos have in common? both developed at the beginning of the 15th century. In Mary of Burgundy’s wealthy collection of jewels, which she obtained from her wife, Archduke Maximilian of Austria, the first three stone engagement ring ever was reported. This style became widespread shortly afterward in royal jewelry. In all the jewelry shops in the United States and Europe at the end of the 20th-century three-stone rings could be seen.

Three Stone Engagement Rings Has Special Glitter

Three styles will make the engagement rings shinier than a single stone. When you equate a single solitaire to three stones of an equal degree, it is easy to comprehend why more stones are more dazzling.

Classic three stone engagement ring
Classic two three stone engagement ring in 3D design

The Notion of ‘ Trilogy ‘ Has Religious Significance

These three stone engagement rings may also constitute an act of God’s unification of two souls in marriage. This valuable trio symbolizes the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in Christian faith especially, together with notions of marriage, such as confidence, respect, and engagement.

The Best-Selling Gemstone Collection is Blue Sapphire.

Sapphire is usually the gemstone of the design for fiancées who want to add color to their 3-stone bridal set. Sapphire looks just as appealing in engagement rings and wedding bands. In comparison with the pearl gems that seduce with their feminine brightness, sapphires are most famous for a deeply saturated blue color, exciting a feeling of elegance and fashion, but blend well with the icy white glow of diamonds. The blue sapphire and the diamond mix is, therefore, the most traditional three-stone look on the industry to date, even though black diamonds have recently increased significantly.

Closeup Three Stone Engagement Ring
Closeup Three Stone Engagement Ring

“Halo” Gives the Ring an Extra Special Look.

A bridal trinity set with a halo ring enhances the complexity of the design, which always delivers the highest outcomes when the overall brilliance is concerned. The smaller the halo stones, the larger the center stones, which therefore appear more significant than their original size.

Three Stone Engagement Rings have significant elegance and more significant symbolism

Any engagement ring is a highly symbolic physical sign of the love of a couple. However, a three-stone ring takes this meaning to the next level. The diamond on each hand usually represents the past and the present. The central diamond, often the most prominent diamond, symbolizes the bright future of a couple. The three stones will, however, also have additional significance. To others, the three stones may also reflect a balanced relationship with friendship, affection, and loyalty. The three stones can only reflect three beautiful gemstones for more practical shoppers.

three stone engagement ring in lady's finger
Three-stone ring takes this love relationship to the next level.

These three stone engagement rings may also constitute an act of God’s unification of two souls in marriage.

Three-stone diamond rings may be less costly than typical Solitaire settings.

Because the prices of a diamond are dependent on its rareness, larger diamonds usually cost more than their smaller, less rare counterparts. Three stone rings combine three smaller diamonds to produce an extensive look that essentially triples the total weight for your carat. It means you can get a stunning three-carat look while charging for just three 1-carat diamonds.

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The Three Stones Can All Be Equal in Size.

A three-stone profile can be gradual or equal in terms of technical aspects. Gradually organized stones are the most frequent in the market, but it must be noted that a trio of the same stones is also available. In reality, three stones of the same size offer the custom bridal jewelry an appealing, choice.

What is your favorite three stone engagement ring? In the comments section below, let us know! Seek out our ultimate birthstone guide and let us know what kind of jewelry do you like?

Diamond form can affect the overall appearance of the ring profoundly

Because there are three diamonds in this setting, variability in diamond shape is three times as possible. Choosing three-round center diamonds can give a bold and unmistakable look like a ring of commitment by Meghan Markle. Two fantastic shaped diamonds with a graduated shape provide a chic and elegant look. Many of the graduated types include pear-shaped diamonds, coniferous baguettes, and trapezoids.

The Three Stone Ring Designs Are Unlimited

Three stone ring types are continuously flexible. Whether you choose halo, straight, solitary or even by-pass design for your engagement ring, you can combine these settings with your three-stone design in both ways.

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