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15 Gemstones That Enhance and Attract Love This Year

15 Gemstones That Enhance and Attract Love This Year

gemstones has many meanings

Gemstones have many uses. They can be used in watches and jewelry, but they can also be used to bring love in our personal lives. Each gemstone vibrates and emits different types of energies. For instance, the love gemstones emit energy of universal love. In general, love gemstones will help bring love into your life. Here is a list of the best love gemstones for enhancing and attracting love into your world this year.

Pink Tourmaline

This love pink gemstone brings all kinds of love in one’s life. It is known to transform your energy to promote openness and positivity that adequately prepares you for meeting the love of your life. Place this gemstone in your bedroom to attract love.

Pink Tourmaline has a lovely strength, which vibrates in the chakra and the higher heart chakra or chakra of the thymus. This beautiful pink lithium crystal is tall.

It is understood that this use of lithium benefits cognitive and mood-related conditions such as depression and stress.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the universal love stone. It restores trust and peace, fosters unconditional love. Rose Quartz cleanses and opens the heart to foster esteem, self-love, friendship, deep inner cure, and feelings of peace on every level. In times of sadness, it will relax and encourage, provides comfort. Rose Quartz dissipates negativity and preserves it with love vibrations against environmental pollution. It encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance by expressing self-confidence and self-esteem.

It is a powerful gemstone for attracting love as it opens the heart region, restoring trust and love. It is believed that keeping this stone in your bedroom and regularly practicing attract love affirmation, such as I am a magnet of love. I attract love into my life daily while holding it will help you attract a new love into your life. The gemstone teaches one to love himself or herself and receive love from another being.


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli protects and promotes interpersonal harmony among couples, and aids in keeping the heart and head in balance. Due to its responsibility for safeguarding interpersonal relationships, this gemstone can help mend injured or broken bonds. It enables you to be more open and comfortable with your feelings and promote loving communication. It facilitates self-expression, self-knowledge, and inner peace. According to ancient tales, if you give this stone as a gift, you are enhancing an eternal bond of trust, loyalty, and friendship between two of you.
Lapis Lazuli is named after Venus, the Goddess of love who has lived beyond 5,000 years. This gemstone enhances communication that brings harmony, compassion, and honesty to a relationship. It also promotes active listening.

lapis lazuli gemstone


Moonstone is an inner growth and power stone for “new beginnings.” It alleviates emotional distress and tension, stabilizes emotions, and restores calm. Moonstone strengthens insight, encourages achievement and good fortune in the fields of love and industry.

Moonstone brings luck in love. This gemstone has been used as a wedding gift throughout history. It is suitable for reconciling estranged lovers, and European and Indian folklore both claim that two individuals wearing this stone on the full moon would fall in love with passionately.

moonstone gemstone

Blue lace agate

This stone brings a calming energy to people having a hectic life. It combats spite and envy, enhances communication, strengthens inspiration and intuition, and it has healing power. It also enhances self-love and understanding. Blue lace agate is readily available and affordable for most folks. The gemstone can be used as decorative additions to a Relationship Altar. Besides, tumbled stones aren’t costly.

Blue lace agate


This stone stimulates feminine sensuality, improves sex drive, and reduce depression. It has a fiery red shade that symbolizes romance, love, inspiration, and passion. Wear this stone as a necklace. Prices of garnet gemstones vary, depending on their quality.


Kunzite promotes balance and calm and enhances spiritual equilibrium and good fortune. This gemstone helps you find true love, inner peace, compassion, and harmony. Add a piece of kunzite to your offering tray and then carry it in your pocket. This gemstone is not cheap, but it is beautiful, and it is a must-have if your budget allows.

Green Aventurine

If you want to have luck and find your significant other, this is the stone you should purchase. Its name originates from ‘a Ventura, ’ which is an Italian term meaning ‘by chance.’ Most individuals relate pink to love, but green is a perfect symbol of the heart chakra. Besides, this stone is associated with success and wealth; therefore, it known to bring success in your life. It is a mature stone meant for mature stages of love. It invites passion into couples who have lived together for a while, allowing love to be ongoing.

Pink Tourmaline gemstone brings all kinds of love in one’s life. It is known to transform your energy to promote openness and positivity that adequately prepares you for meeting the love of your life.

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Ruby stimulates the base chakra, thus promoting increased sexual energy and desire and also activating sensual pleasures. You will feel your best self with these gemstones, and the confidence and sexual energy you are giving off don’t go unnoticed. Use this stone to attract that pretty one-night stand and turn it into a long-term relationship. This gemstone of nobility can also be used by those seeking for decadent romance. Unlike the green aventurine, the stone does not stimulate the heart chakra but root chakra, which is found at the spine’s base.

ruby gemstone

Tiger’s Eye Stone

This stone is for people who aren’t in a committed relationship. It allows you to know your needs and those of others. Besides, it helps heal the issues regarding self-criticism and self-worth. If you’re ready for change, this is the stone you should be after. It helps one break through barriers and knows your capabilities. Besides, it improves your emotional feeling and releases hopelessness, depression, or self-doubt. Moreover, it helps in attracting positive-minded persons into your life.


The stone’s yellow colour represents the sun. The gemstone allows your true self to shine. It can also activate your leadership abilities, personal strength, and power. It boosts your confidence and self-worth.


Rhodonite is popularly known for healing a broken heart. Many people call it the rescues stone. Rhodonite has a vibrational energy that brings compassion and forgiveness to help with relationship issues. It is occasionally worn by people who want to get rid of emotional trauma.


Emerald is for booming love. It promotes loyalty and romantic bliss. The meaning of the term ‘emerald’ is to enhance partnership, unconditional love, and unity, keeping your relationship stable.


This gemstone has a deep green colour that helps transform one’s heart. It reminds the person wearing to maintain an optimistic and positive outlook on life. Besides, it opens the heart to all kinds of love.

Apache Tear

This type of gemstone is known to absorb negativity, grief, and depression. According to Legends, the Apache children and women watched as their men die in battle to save their way of life and save their land, which made them cry ‘rivers of tears.’ The tears hardened into Obsidian stones, which are commonly referred to as Apache tears. Carry the stone to help absorb any grief you might be carrying with your heart.

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