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7 Amazing Ways to Clean Jewelry

7 Amazing Ways to Clean Jewelry

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You take it to work with your mates, on a date, or a typical day. It’s your favorite bracelet, wristband, or another gemstone, and it still adds something special to your outfit before it starts looking out of focus. Jewels inevitably become dull over time, but it never means that they can’t be worn again. You’re fortunate if you’ve ever questioned how to clean jewelry.

To maintain your jewelry, there is no need to purchase expensive jewelry cleaners. All it is vital to keep your diamonds shining, and your gold is radiating for some time, acquiring the appropriate ingredients.

Water & Soap to Clean Jewelry

Good old water and soap perform well on jewelry almost as well as nearly everything else to remove dirt and grime. It is an excellent cleaning solution for acceptable, soft stones, like turquoise or pearls. Combine two moist cups of water and three drops of soft washing or dish soap. Throw the jewelry quickly into the solution and wash and dry with a soft cloth. Enable the jewels to air dry for the day before storage.

clean jewelry with soap and water
Clean Jewelry with Soap and Water is a Very Good Idea

Antacids to Clean Jewelry

Using an Antacid, like Alka-Seltzer, which acts as a sparkling remedy, since the bubbling and fizzling clean the stones. You can use Witch Hazel as well. In a cup of warm water, placed two Antacid tablets, and let them fizz. Add jewelry and leave in the glass for a few minutes before the jewelry is removed. Rinse the gem and smooth it with a fluffy towel.

clean jewelry with antacid

White Vinegar and Water

This one is perfect for cleaning outfit jewels because it makes them look super bright and clean. Only mix white Vinegar and water in a bowl and get a soft bowl to get to the corners and gaps, if the piece has holes, grooves, gemstones, etc. Then soak the brush and brush every spot of the part until you see some change. Brush with water. Whether you like, a few minutes before brushing it carefully or spraying it clean, you can even soak it in the solution.

apple vinegar to clean jewelry
Apple vinegar is perfect for cleaning outfit jewels because it makes them look super bright and clean.

Boil It

Not every jewel can be boiled, just like sensitive gemstones, but boiling water can be used on solid gold. Before placing the gold in boiling water, make sure no part is stuck together, and the gold is not cold. For items that can not be washed; otherwise, this remedy works better.

Place the gemstones in a bowl and pour over boiling water gradually until it is filled by water. Let it sit and scrub each part carefully with a soft-stitching toothbrush until the water cools—dry fast.

boiling water
Solid Gold Items are good for boiling with no Gemstones

Silver Polishing Cloth

A cleaning cloth can be the best way to restore tarnished silver jewels to the ordinary. Such little wonders need to be gently rubbed with your silver jewelry and other precious metals to make them perfect. Such cleaning cloths may be purchased for less than $15 in bulk in your local silver store or online.

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The fabric will last several months without the parts being dull again without a single cleaning. Keep it or be cleaned and shocked at how well they perform for quick touch-ups.

silver cleaning cloth


You enjoy silver jewelry but are frustrated by the time it turns black? You can only squeeze a little bit of toothpaste out of the tube and rub it against metal to preserve the original shine. You may also smooth the surface by using the old soft brush. Jewelry Silver is going to be the best! Your eyes are now sparkling.

toothpaste to clean jewelry
Smooth the surface by using the old soft brush with toothpaste for jewelry


Body jewelry such as navel piercing, tongue piercing, etc., and other silver jewelry may be cleaned and disinfected in a ceramic bowl filled with an alcohol-based mouthwash. To make them white, wipe them with a soft cloth.

mouthwash for silver cleaning
Mouthwash is a great way to clean silver jewelry

Please keep your jewelry cleaned regularly and take proper care of it to prevent more tarnishing and other harm. It involves precautions to avoid damage, such as removing the jewels when hand-washed, storing the jewelry in proper boxes to prevent prolonged air exposure and removing the jewelry during hard work to prevent scratches, toothpicks, and other problems.

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