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8 Crystals for Creativity: What They Are and Why You Need Them ( With Photos)

8 Crystals for Creativity: What They Are and Why You Need Them ( With Photos)

Crystals for Empaths

The crystals for creativity that can help you do your best work yet.

-Lavender, labradorite, rose quartz—the list of crystals used for healing and spiritual purposes is long. Choose one or many of these to use as part of your creative process from the comfort of your own home.

-Have you ever felt a little limited by being in the same old space? Do you want to get more out of what you’re doing creatively? Well, it’s time to break out those crystals.

-Crystals for creativity are beautiful. They’re intriguing. And they can be so helpful when it comes to healing, wellness, and personal growth. And creativity is a lot like that: It’s about self-expression and exploration, at times challenging the status quo and almost always pushing boundaries — those of time, space, and knowledge. 

crystals for creativity

So crystals can help with the process of creativity by facilitating healing on all levels — physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental — while enhancing your energy field with positive vibrations to help create higher thoughts and more inspired ideas.

-Before we get into the specifics of how crystals can help you, let’s talk a bit about what they are and why they work. Crystals are naturally occurring minerals that come in many different sizes, colors, and shapes. They don’t have to be fancy or expensive — common rocks and stones like quartz, jasper, and amethyst are used just as frequently as their pricier cousins. They have a long history of healing and spiritual rituals, but they are still relatively new to the mainstream.

-But crystals are anything but new. They’ve been on this planet for millions of years. These rocks and stones have been around for so long that they’re used as a barometer by scientists to determine Earth’s age — if we know how old a particular crystal is, then we know how long ago it formed, which helps us figure out the age of the planet itself. For example, in the case of quartz, it’s about 4.4 billion years.

-Crystals are unique because of how they form: They start as molten lava (magma) from inside the Earth that cools into crystalline structures, like floating blobs that eventually harden into rocks and stones (that’s why crystals have a hexagonal shape — because it’s the most efficient way to pack in a lot of molecules). They trap atoms, minerals, and organic material inside as they freeze. Like carbon, potassium, and silicon, these molecules are charged with vibrations that remain even after forming the crystal.

-Crystals pick up vibrations from sources all around us: All of the Earth’s energy is transmitted through crystals — or any other stone or rock; people who use them physically or spiritually can tap into those vibrations to help achieve their goals; healing, in particular, is a solid form of vibration that can be transmitted through crystals as well.

-So what does this all mean for you? When you work with crystals, you’re working with the energetic vibrations of the universe. While there are different types of vibrational fields, and a lot about recognizing them can be confusing, certain kinds of pulses are known (and proven) to boost creativity, which is why they’re called creative stones. These stones can help you manifest your vision and make your best work yet.

So how do they do that? 

Here are the common crystals and their healing properties to help you boost your creativity:

1. Labradorite:

Labradorite Gemstone

Labradorite is a form of feldspar with that lovely iridescent sheen. While it’s also a very protective crystal, that’s not the only reason you want to work with labradorite. It can be used to help you see what’s meant to be and make it happen — which is a pretty good motivator for creative work.

How does it do that? 

Labradorite is known as the “polarizer” and contains lithium, making it much easier for people to change their lives. It can help you clear your head and work through issues unbiasedly. It shines a light on what’s holding you back in any situation and enables you to find the way through.

How to use it: 

Much like other stones, labradorite can be charged with the energy from the sun. You can also cleanse and recharge it using water — labradorite actually has a much lower pH than most other crystals (meaning it’s very reactive), so it will react with water very readily. Just place it in a bowl of water for about 15 minutes, and then dry it off. And since labradorite is pretty fragile, you may want to keep it in a pouch or wrap it in silk when you’re not using it.

2. Rose quartz:

rose quartz crystal

Rose quartz is the “love stone,” as its name suggests. But love isn’t just about physical relationships — it’s also about self-love and creative expression. Rose quartz is a crystal of romance and self-love, but it’s also a stone of creative expression. Rose quartz helps you let go of old habits, ideas, and actors in life that may hold you back or keep you from achieving your goals creatively. When used together with other crystals for creativity, it can help reinforce the energy and keep things moving along.

How does it do that? 

Rose quartz balances your emotions and helps you connect with your intuition. When used in space with other crystals for creativity, rose quartz can help keep you from getting stuck in ruts or repeating old ways of thinking. It encourages the release of negative emotions and the acceptance of new ideas.

How to use it: 

Rose quartz is excellent for all kinds of healing — including fertility charms, energy clearing, and spiritual rituals — but it’s also an excellent addition to working with other crystals for creativity. Try placing rose quartz in a bowl next to other stones, or even just holding it in your hands while you’re working on your creative projects.

3. Moonstone:

moonstone crystal

Moonstone is a translucent stone in colors and patterns (sometimes spotted, striped or clouded). It’s said to be the “mothering stone,” which makes sense if you think about how the moon can help you connect with your intuition about what’s best for you. Moonstone is the perfect combination of protective energy and the ability to communicate with your creative side.

How does it do that? 

Moonstone helps you feel connected to Mother Earth, which is vital for tuning into your intuition. It also has a lower pH than most other stones, which means it’s very receptive to picking up vibrations from the environment — including ideas and inspiration. Moonstone inspires your creativity and helps you put it out into the world.

How to use it: 

Moonstone is an excellent stone to keep on your desk or near your writing space. It can also be charged by the light of the full moon (or any other full moon), so try doing that if you can!

4. Sodalite:

Sodalite Crystals

Sodalite is the “artist’s stone” because it strengthens and focuses creativity. It’s also known as a stone of success, and its use has been linked to creative thinking, inspiration, and manifesting your vision. It’s a beautiful stone for writers, musicians, artists, and anyone who wants to take their innovative project to the next level.

How does it do that? 

Sodalite helps move you from an idea in your head to put it out into the world. It will help you push through your fears and become fully inspired — both of which are critical components of creative work. It’s also an excellent stone for those looking to raise their creative energy and are trying to meditate or use their imagination.

How to use it: 

Sodalite is the most potent when it’s used with clear quartz. Try placing a clear quartz crystal on one side of the sodalite, and the other side a piece of rose quartz or hematite — these two crystals will help reinforce the energy of sodalite.

5. Blue calcite:

Blue calcite

Calcite is a calcium carbonate found in many different colors and patterns. Blue calcite is the “achievement stone” and can help you achieve all kinds of goals. It’s also an excellent stone to use when you have difficulty communicating your creative ideas (which may be why creative people often use it).

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How does it do that? 

Blue calcite helps you connect to your intuition and is a learning stone. It enables you to absorb information, including knowledge about your creative process. Blue calcite can help make your ideas more tangible and thus easier to explain to others. And it also amplifies the power of other stones nearby, making it a great addition to any creative space or crystal grid.

How to use it: 

Blue calcite is an excellent stone to keep in your pocket or place on your desk. You can also place blue calcite next to other stones while working on creative projects or yoga practice.

6. Hematite:

Hematite, iron oxide, polished stone on isolated white background

Hematite is a brownish-black stone with a metallic sheen. It’s one of the oldest crystals still used in modern crystal healing and is over 2.7 billion years old. Hematite was initially used to create tools and weapons — it was said to sharpen the edges of blades by drawing off the other side of the blade, which helped fight off disease and accidents when swords were in use.

How does it do that? 

Hematite is the “stone of blood,” which makes sense if you think about how blood is nature’s way of cleaning and purifying our bodies. Hematite has a high iron content, which helps get rid of bacteria and disease. It’s also said to be an “anti-worm” crystal, which means it can help heal several ailments.

How to use it: 

Since hematite is known as a healing crystal, it’s best used in space with other stones for healing. You can also carry a piece of hematite with you or place a piece at your bedside to help keep you healthy and energetic.

7. Blue lace agate:

Blue lace agate

Blue lace agate is a translucent stone with white bands or ribbons of color. It’s thought to be a “success stone” and helps you achieve your career or personal life goals.

How does it do that? 

Blue lace agate is said to open the third-eye chakra in the middle of your forehead, which means it supports clarity of vision and insight. It’s also said to help you connect with angels and guides, which is essential for achieving goals. Blue lace agate carries a link to the planet Neptune, which is usually thought of as a great career stone because it helps create your opportunities.

How to use it: 

Blue lace agate is a beautiful addition to your work area and workspace. It can also be kept in your pocket and used to help you stay creative throughout the day.

8. Malachite:


Malachite is a mineral from the copper family found in large formations called “malachite bowls.” It has brilliant green veins and is sometimes known as the “stone of magic” because of its magical ability to heal. It’s connected with intuition, and it’s said that witches love it because it carries a link to Mother Earth, which creates all things magical.

How does it do that? 

Malachite is said to help you think outside the box and can help you get closer to your creative vision. It’s also a stone of balance and enables you to embrace your shadow self — which is key to unlocking creativity. And malachite helps you feel at one with yourself and your intuition.

How to use it: 

Malachite is a beautiful addition to any crystal grid or workspace. Since it’s also a stone of magic, try placing it near candles, incense, or other items of magic.


Your crystal grid may serve as a powerful tool for creativity, or it could be used to help you achieve your creative dreams. Or maybe you’re just hoping to find a creative space that will help you better manage your creative energy — whatever your needs, there’s sure to be a stone out there that will help!

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