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Amethyst Colors : Discover About the Most Popular Purple Gemstone!

Amethyst Colors : Discover About the Most Popular Purple Gemstone!

amethyst colors has a huge impact on jewelry look and price

If you love the color purple, you presumably know that Amethyst colors is the most famous purple gemstone. After all, it’s the birthstone of Feb. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Amethyst is an ordinary stone, and some people think it is a good value. 

Since discovering the violet gemstone in Brazil, it is considered rare and expensive, similar to rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Additional supplies were not kind to its price, but Amethyst is an excellent choice for investors if you want to give yourself something you love as a beautiful piece of jewelry. As you probably know, amethysts have their distinctive color.   

How are Amethysts Created? 

In this way, the Amethyst requires specific chemical and geological conditions during crystal formation to be present. When Amethyst colors is formed from colorless minerals, iron is added to the crystal structure. When the entire crystal is revealed to radiation, the heat of the iron makes the crystal purple. In this situation, the iron is placed so that the deeper the color, the less iron is present. The more iron and radiation are present, the darker the violet color.   

raw amethyst colors from nature
Raw Amethyst Found in Nature

What Color Is Amethyst?

Now that you know that the Amethyst colors is purple, you should also know that there is a wide range of different violet hues. The amethyst color chart is extensive, from pale lilac to violet-black.   

Throw in a variety of red and blue, and you have a bonafide purple color wheel. Amethyst is in a league of its own, while other violet gems like kunzite, sugilite, and alexandrite. For those looking for a saturated purple stone, there are several violet shades in its spectrum. Although it is a popular gem, there are very few violet crystals I have bought. 

Natural Amethyst Colors

Amethyst colors gets its beautiful violet color from the presence of iron impurities in the crystal quartz structure. The growth process penetrates the Amethyst when exposed to natural radiation and transforms it into a vibrant purple hue. The enhancement of existing beloved amethyst tones is entirely natural. 

In some cases, a jeweler can apply heat treatment to the Amethyst and saturate the gemstone with a deep purple tint. However, this is not the intended result. The crystal may not be as vibrant as desired. In these cases, the crystal can receive a treatment or enhancement to produce more color. 

When heat treating a single amethyst jewel, the color can change from warm orange to light green prasiolite, also known as green Amethyst. Heating and Amethyst to a temperature between 57.2 and 75.2 degrees F can turn the Amethyst from violet to golden yellow and from Amethyst to a jewel of citrine. Even small temperature changes can produce green amethysts

Do Amethyst Colors Change?

The influence of light can change the amethyst colors. For instance, if light polarizes and changes the axis of the crystal, the color of Amethyst can vary from bluish-violet to violet. The color change varies depending on the degree to which light penetrates and splits the crystal. Does anything else dictate the color of amethysts?. Atmospheric gems change color when worn, but Amethyst does not change color by conscious change.    

Amethyst Colors And Origins 

As you may assume, the source of the gemstone influences its color. Around the world, several places are sources of amethyst gems. Uruguay and Arizona, for example, are known for their supply of deep purple and blue Amethyst. Color variations are desirable, but the amethyst color is the deepest violet.  

On the way to Russia, you will find the infamous Siberian Amethyst in unique shades of reddish-purple and bluish purple. While Amethyst is the most affordable of the crystals available, Siberian amethysts are rare and valuable. However, the Russian amethyst deposits are rapidly depleting, increasing the novelty and prestige of this jewel. Let us explore the symbolism of amethyst colors and the meaning of love in this unique jewel.  

What Does Amethyst Colors Express? 

As you probably already know, Amethyst is one of the oldest gems in the world. The gemstone, which dates back to early antiquity, comes from the Greek word amethystos, which means “not drunk.”.    

The exact translation of Amethyst is not “drunk.”. In antiquity, people minted purple jewels, such as the one in early Amethyst, to avoid drunkenness. People would attend gatherings with amethyst jewels to ward off negative behavior caused by too many drinks. 

When false denigration could lead to a death sentence, we see that the ancient Romans clung to Amethyst. This practice was so widespread that they drank from cups carved with amethyst crystals, so we can say that this practice was decadent and functional. 

Amethyst Features And Powers

People worldwide use Amethyst as a healing crystal to relieve anxiety, minimize stress and promote serenity. The use of its properties stimulates peace, activates inner intuition, and silences the noise of stressful situations and conflicts. Each crystal has unique healing properties, but the power of amethysts is extreme when given together. 

Purple is a bold, regal hue that promotes wisdom and strength. In large quantities, however, too much purple can radiate frustration and imbalance. 

The most saturated purple Amethyst in the gemstone business is recognized as the best and most valuable variety. Raw amethyst crystals look stunning on their own, and some people use them as home accessories. A great way to exercise amethyst power is to go out and buy loose amethyst gems and use them in jewelry designs. Here are some of the best colors of Amethyst.

In truth, there is nothing wrong with any color variation of this beautiful gem. Amethyst jewelry can be trendy or classic. It all depends on what you love most as a buyer. If you love lilac, lavender, or violet-blue, you will find a stunning amethyst gem that suits you. 

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You will have no difficulty finding beautiful amethyst rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, and pendants. Thanks to its breathtaking structure, lively color, durability, and attractive price, Amethyst has won many souls. It is just one of them. If you favor combining Amethyst into your home d├ęcor, you will love the natural, earthy aesthetic of raw amethyst crystals. 

amethyst earrings in 18k yellow gold
Amethyst earrings best gift for loved ones

Amethyst Treatments and Valuation

Like most gemstones, purple quartz is graded according to the 4 Cs: cut, color, purity, and carat.


Amethysts rated AAA and AAA are at the forefront in terms of cut and uniformity. Since amethysts are so common, it is not worth buying a cut stone, which is a class B gemstone. One can expect that amethysts have an excellent, uniform cut. 

amethyst has many cuts and shapes
Set of realistic purple amethysts with round different cuts in jewelry.


Ensure your gemstone has a uniform color and tone, along with one that minimizes the appearance of the inclusions that occur in it. The ideal color is what is called Siberian purple, the most profound violet stone you can find. The darker and better the Amethyst, the darker it will look, especially in blacklight and low light. 

amethyst color table
There are a variety of amethyst tones, and gems with darker colors are more valuable.


Most gemstones of this kind are called eye-clean. It means that there are few inclusions in the faceted gem. Large fissures make the stone less valuable. However, color is so dominant in amethyst valuation that a more opaque stone darker in color tend to sell for more than a cleaner Rose de France. You can see a great explanation of how it works from the GIA, including an amethyst color chart. 

It has little effect on the value of an amethyst gemstone. Quartz generally grows into giant crystals, and larger crystals can be cut into many smaller stones. For this reason, the price per carat is relatively flat. 

For clarity, we only sell gems in AAA quality. It is also important to mention that gemstones can be treated. Many gemstones are treated to increase their color value. 

They can be heated to improve their color and clarity. Heat-treated stones are more accurate than other amethysts. Heat treatment is a natural and durable solution to make gemstones look optimal. So we can offer you beautiful amethyst jewelry for less money than untreated stones.

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