The Ultimate Guide to Birthstones

Just as we love and personalize everything, wear a gemstone that is unique to our month of birth is something uniquely special. You probably don’t know what the stones are for the other 11 months of the year, other than your birthstone. Were you aware of it? Garnet, Diamond, and  Aquamarine.

We decided to make a useful reference guide and list the birthstones and the most pretty pieces for each month. Have a friend come up with a birthday? Give her a somewhat delicate wristband embedded in her birthstone. And if it is your birthday on the horizon, consider it an excellent occasion for a stackable ring or sweet pendant to treat yourself. Read our ultimate birthstones jewelry guide below.

birthstones chart by month

Garnet - January's Birthstone

For the cold days of January, Garnet is a perfect stone. Garnet stimulate the senses and increase vitality with their warm red color. Garnet is a symbol of peace, enthusiasm, good health and motivation, and a perfect new year stone! The name Garnet is originated from the Latin term guarana, meaning “sowing” or “like seeds.” Granatum gemstones symbolize friendship and loyalty and are regarded as the right gift for honoring friendship. Those with a Garnet are thought to be friendly and have a healthy mind.

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Amethyst - February's Birthstone

Amethyst has been associated in many cultures for centuries with many myths and traditional beliefs as well as religions.
It is not only the beautiful color that makes this gem so accessible but is also widely available, making it more affordable with different forms and sizes. Amethyst adds warm and cold colors, so it looks great in both white and yellow metals. It improves almost all colors in your wardrobe with this unique ability.

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Aquamarine - March's Birthstone

The Aquamarine is a perfect building stone for March. Aquamarine is a kind of beryl shining in soul and light blue. It gives the spring and summer wardrobes a beautiful accent. The name comes quite correctly from the Latin term ‘ aqua,’ meaning water, and the sea ‘ marina.’ It comes in many different dimensions, but bigger stones tend to be vibrant. The cool, peaceful water marine is said to help users stay calm, clear, and courageous. It is often used as a meditative aid, and it is also a wedding anniversary gift to give aquamarine jewelry.

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Aquamarine Birthstones
Diamond Birthstones

Diamond - April's Birthstone

The diamond, April’s birthplace, is the favorite, precious gem. A diamond is the most robust natural material and is the only gemstone precious for its entire color shortage. While the most commonly seen classic white diamond is diamonds, the most popular ones are yellow and brown. The brilliant blue diamond is the rare and most precious colored diamond. The birthplace of April, the diamond, became the symbol of love by its brilliance and fire.

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Emerald - May's Birthstone

Another type of beryl, Emerald, has a sumptuous, rich, majestic green hue! The emerald is a reincarnation symbol and is said to bring fortune, prospects, and youth to its owner. Emerald, the birthplace of May, has the spring’s vibrant green color and a lovely, lively tone. Emerald is the rarest gemstones in Colombia, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Zambia. Places such as the fictional Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz helped to strengthen the emeralds of cultural awareness.

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Emerald Birthstone for May
Pear June's Birthstone

Pearl and Alexandrite - June's Birthstone

Pearl and Alexandrite are the two birthplaces of June. The Alexandrian, a spectacular and prestigious gemstone, is referred to as the gem for changing color due to its illumination. Because of its beauty, pearls are highly prevalent. Pearl is formed by the entering of an oyster of an irritant, such as a sand piece.
Alexandrite’s seldom ability to color change is known. Bluish-green in light of day, and pure red in incandescent light. In 1834, it was found and named after future Zar Alexander II in Russian emerald mines. Concentration and learning should be promoted and linked to creativity and imagination.
Natural pearls are very uncommon. Many have historically been discovered in the Persian Gulf; today, sadly, most of them have been collected. You can buy tiny natural pearls, but they’re costly.

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Ruby - July's Birthstone

A magnificent red gemstone known as the King of Gems is the ruby birthplace of July. Rubies represent health, knowledge, and bravery. The wearing of a Ruby gemstone was once believed to have made its owner fortune. The best rubies in Burma are mined and after diamonds, the second hardest gemstone.
Ruby is love, passion, bravery, and emotions. This gem has been king of all gems for millennia. The wearing of a beautiful red Ruby is thought to have granted its owner excellent fortune. Over the years, the Rubies were the prized ownership of emperors and kings. The Ruby is the gemstone of most significant importance to this day.

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Ruby July's Birthstone
Peridot August's Birthstone

Peridot - August's Birthstone

Peridot is a mixture of olivine that is formed profoundly inside the earth and brought by volcanoes on the surface. Peridot is easily recognized for its olive-green shade. For more than 3,500 years Peridot has been known as the’ Gem of the Sun.’ While the more well-known emerald sometimes overlooks the Peridot, the Peridot has its uplifting energy and beauty which everyone should see and appreciate.
It is a wonderful gift, as the birthplace of August, for people who want excellent luck and in many other medical congregations, it is prized for its healing powers.

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Sapphire - September's Birthstone

In many parts of the world, Sapphire can be found, but Myanmar (Burma) and Sri Lanka are the most valued sapphires. The sapphires are rarer with extremely saturated violet-blue color, “ventilated” or “sleepy.” The more the Sapphire’s blue is, the higher the price. However, the darker tones of Sapphire can be as attractive to many people.
Not only are sapphires blue, but nearly in every rainbow color: pink, yellow, orange, peach, and purple. The rare and lovely Padparadscha is the most popular color sapphire, pink-orange corundum with the unique color of salmon that is reminiscent of a tropical sunset. These scarce, very cost-effective stones are one of the world’s most sought after gems.

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Sapphire Septemper"s Birthstone
Opal October's Birthstone

Opal & Tourmaline - October's Birthstone

Two birthstones are also present in October: Tourmaline, Opal. For many, turmaline is a favorite as it is presented in a beautiful rainbow. Opal gemstones are extraordinary because every gem is decorated in a distinctive color.
Lightning Ridge in Australia is known for its unusual and surprising black opals. The perfect Opal is one with broad patterns covering the surface, all the rainbow colors, including red. Because Opals are the most individual gemstone, you should choose one that shows your color preference and pattern.
Tourmaline Paraiba has become one of the most valuable and precious gems in the world even though they have only been found in the 1980s. Its rare shades of electric blues and greens remind of Paraiba’s blue sea coast where this gem is mined. These unique, vibrant colors of blue and green are not to be found anywhere else in the world.

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Citrine - November's Birthstone

Citrine is a quartz variation with brilliant orange color. Citrine is referred to as “quartz healing” because it gives power and vitality. Citrine is also called the “marketplace stone,” as it is said to attract wealth and prosperity. This luminous gem was a gift from the sun. The French name for “lemon” is Citrine with its juicy lemon-yellow color spectrum to a light orange-brawn color.
Most people choose Citrine according to themselves, but some of the most desired gemstones in Citrine are clear, radiantly yellowish to brownish red. Citrine was used in ancient times as protection against poisoning of the snake and the evil ideas. Today, Citrine is known as the rock of the retailer and is linked with wealth and achievement.

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Citrine November's Birthstone
Turquoise December's Birthstone

Turquoise - December's Birthstone

Turquoise is one of the oldest recognized gemstones and has been around the world for centuries. It graced Egyptian pharaohs ‘ necks and decorated early Americans ‘ ceremonial dress. It has the healing power to promote the position and the wearers ‘ fortunes, to shield themselves and to bring happiness. This lovely egg-blue gemstone was attributable.
The Turquoise crystal has reached the status of the rock star in healing minerals, the most legendary of all the rocks. Its bright blue-green shade appeared approximately 6000 BCE in ancient Egypt, integrated into protective amulets and royal bling for King Tut and Cleopatra. A holy stone of the Americans, which used the Turquoise crystal to create a link between Heaven and Earth, was the first gem mined. It was used as a robust instrument for a cure. This all-in-one stone is seen as a master healer because it encourages the flowing energy of the most magnificent vibration of love, the super-food of spirit to cure the universe on the cellular stage.

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