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Fall in Love with Amethyst Birthstone

Fall in Love with Amethyst Birthstone

Love Amethyst Birstone

Ever since the 1st century AD, each birth month has been associated with a specific gemstone called Amethyst birthstone. Birthstones have distinctive attributes and unique symbolism, which is why people love wearing theirs as an expression of their personality. More than that, wearing your birthstone, both on your birthday month and outside of it, is said to bring good luck, protect you from illness, and influence your destiny.

Amethyst is the February birthstone. This beautiful gemstone has fascinated people for millennia, not only thanks to its mesmerizing purple hue but also its healing properties and legends surrounding it. If you were born in February, you are probably attracted by the understated beauty of your amethyst birthstone, and, without a doubt, this gem truly is fascinating.

Why the ancient Greeks and Romans loved wearing amethyst jewelry

Lavish feasts with plenty of wine were very common in ancient times, but did you know that Greeks and Romans used to wear amethyst and adorn goblets with it to prevent getting drunk? The name of this stone starts from the ancient Greek amethystos, which means sober, or protection from drunkenness.

Amethyst Birthstone is one of the most popular gemstones out there, but do you know which month it is associated with and what effects it has?

So, does this mean that your precious amethyst birthstone will only help you not get tipsy at parties? Not at all. The amethyst is an exceptional stone that symbolizes balance, serenity, and a temperate mindset. Ancient philosophers believed that it helped calm the mind, bring emotional stability, avoid conflicts, and help you make wise decisions in difficult times.

Amethyst and your love life

Amethyst can also protect your love life. Just how it helped people ward off the effects of alcohol, it was also believed to help them break free of addictive relationships, be clear-headed, and stay emotionally stable. Many people in long-term relationships wear amethyst or keep loose stones around the house to strengthen the bond with their partner, achieve balance, and overcome marital crises.

Amethyst Birthstone Jewelry
Amethyst birthstones can create a wonderful luxurious earrings jewelry for kings and royals

How to use the amethyst birthstone for its healing properties

•    Healers love amethysts for its unique properties, and people born in February could benefit from these healing powers by wearing a silver necklace with an amethyst pendant every day.

    •    You can also place small amethyst stones around the house to create a healing environment filled with positive energy. Some say that placing amethysts in areas with plenty of natural light boosts the healing effects of the stones and keeps the air in your home clean and positive.

birthstone rings with amethyst and ruby
Birthstone rings with amethyst and ruby encircled by pave diamonds.

From delicate shades of light lilac to mesmerizing dark purple shades, amethysts are available in a vibrant color spectrum. You can place them around the house, or you can buy them in jewelry because they complement every skin tone and go both with cold and warm metals. No matter how you choose to use your birthstone, amethyst has some fascinating effects, and you’ll undoubtedly form a special connection with it.

What is your favorite piece of February Birthstone? In the comments section below, let us know! Seek out our ultimate birthstone jewelry guide and let us know what kind of jewelry do you like?

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Amethyst Birthstone Facts

The early Egyptians assumed that the amethyst had positive powers and placed the stones in Pharaoh’s grave. It has been used as medicine throughout the Middle Ages, was believed to dissipate sleep, sharpen the mind, and protect users against witchcraft. It was also thought to bring war success. The amethyst was to defend the consumer against bad dreams and taste in Arab mythology.

Amethyst material is sold to crystal mystics and dealers as geodes or crystals. Amethyst gems are sold in the carat, but most natural amethyst is priced in pounds or tons. These minerals can be as tiny as your hand palm or as large as a fishpond.

Amethyst is, much like citrine, a member of the quartz family and the most critical quartz type. Sometimes, when amethyst and citrine are found in a quartz gemstone, which results in an ametrine, a rare gift from nature occurs. So far, the only commercial source of ametrine is the Anahi mine in Bolivia.

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