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Complete Guide To Green Amethyst Meaning And Benefits

Complete Guide To Green Amethyst Meaning And Benefits

green amethyst pendant

Green Amethyst Meaning 

Prasiolite is also known as green amethyst. It is a heat-treated form of amethyst. Although closely related to amethyst and citrine, it acts as a bridge between the solar plexus chakra (the seat of the will), the heart chakra, the third eye, and the crown chakras. It makes it ideal for harmonizing body, mind, and soul as an integrated whole. 

When you dedicate yourself to spiritual life, you may find that you can love in a theoretical way through meditation, pillows, and acts of love that cut you off from intercourse. 

Prasiolite helps bridge this divide and transforms your spiritual growth into peace and connection in real life by activating the heart as the leadership of your thoughts and actions. It helps to awaken the soul to its rightful place at the center of human experience, enabling it to have a vision and to be able to recognize human faults and weaknesses, as well as the perfection of a person’s spirit. 

If you want to take care of the environment, you will be guided by the wisdom of the heart and the pure warrior energy of the Prasiolites as ideal allies. Deep compassion is something only a wise man can do. It allows a strong connection with nature.

What Is Green Amethyst? 

You probably know the green amethyst gemstone, also known as prasiolite. It is a purple crystal which is one. Therefore, its significance is associated with miracles since its color is a rarity. It shows a variety of beautiful colors, ranging from greenish-yellow to green.

Color in Amethyst

The purple color of amethyst is stable under most conditions on the earth’s surface. It is caused by trace amounts of iron, iron minerals, and quartz. However, if it is heated to higher temperatures, the color of the stone then changes. Most amethysts turn yellow when heated to 470 degrees Celsius and dark yellow to reddish-brown at 550 degrees. Most of the amethyst material is a form of prasiolite that is well tolerated by heating.    

Some people like the color green and prefer it to purple amethyst. Some people do not care and believe that the heat treatment will destroy the well-being of the amethysts. 

green amethyst colors

Who Should Wear Green Amethyst? 

Green Amethyst is a green quartz stone representing the planet Mercury. Also known as prasiolite, it can be worn as a healing gemstone. People suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress can make the most of the healing properties of green quartz. Green amethyst can negatively affect the wearer, but those who wear natural green amethyst increase overall physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

What Is Green Amethyst Stone Good For? 

Prasiolite meaning is derived from two Greek words, prason and leek, which symbolize stone and plant, and its green color is similar to both. It can be used for several purposes. One of the advantages of green amethyst is its beautiful stone decoration. Its hardness on the Mohs scale (rank 7-10 or higher) makes it a long-lasting and durable gemstone.    

If you want to benefit from its healing properties, it is best to wear it to provide vital energy. It’s great to develop relationships full of love and positivity. It can also help you increase wealth and prosperity due to its energetic properties, discussed in detail below. 

Green Amethyst Benefits 

As an alternative to the February birthstone, green amethyst is often referred to by various trade names such as vermarin stone, limestone citrine, green quartz stone, mint quartz, sea green crystal, etc. It is an affordable and effective healing gem that can be worn for a lifetime for physical, emotional, and spiritual stability. 

Promotes Spiritual & Emotional Well-being  

This green quartz also facilitates meditation practices and helps the wearer to achieve a positive attitude to life. It is believed that wearing green quartz helps individuals overcome the most difficult challenges in life. 

Improves Concentration & Oratory Skills 

In Indian astrology, Mercury stands for communication ability and intellect. Therefore, wearing green amethyst is highly beneficial for depressed concentration, low self-confidence, or language-related disorders. 

Revitalizes Skin, Circulatory & Immune System 

It is also believed that wearing green amethyst strengthens the planet Mercury, which can benefit people suffering from skin infections, blood, and immune-related diseases. The healing properties of green amethyst are also considered helpful for people struggling with depression, anxiety, and stress.

Alternative Healing Therapy 

Therefore, this gem is considered highly effective in calming tense nerves and channeling love and harmony in relationships. 

raw green amethyst
Raw Prasiolite (also known as green quartz, green amethyst or vermarine) is a green variety of quartz, a silicate mineral chemically silicon dioxide.

How to choose the perfect amethyst jewelry 

As far as their properties are concerned, they are durable, precise, and have no cracks. For this reason, they can be broken down into large parts. Like other stones, amethyst has the characteristic violet color. The stone of the best quality to consider is the one rich in purple or different hues. We can easily recognize amethyst by sight.

Amethysts are the perfect choice if you want a unique piece of jewelry with a large stone but do not want to spend thousands of dollars. Their undisputed advantage is easy accessibility (they are mined worldwide) and affordable price. The appeal and possibilities are endless. 

Purple Amethyst is the gold-tone par excellence. It stands out when set with white gold, it complements yellow gold, and it creates an exciting play of colors with rose gold. 

The same goes for green amethyst. You will find it in our collection in pink, white, and gold sets. Amethyst goes with almost any other gemstone. It is cut in a traditional round or oval shape. It can be combined with diamonds, and you can consider the unique combination of amethyst with red rhodolite. 

amethyst gemstone
3.5 Fancy Green Amethyst Gemstone

The drop and pear shapes, however, embody a simple elegance, i.e., Elegant and graceful. 

How to Clean Green Amethyst?  

Unlike toxic stones such as water, it is not advisable to purify green quartz with water. Instead, take a soft cloth or brush and scrub the crystal about once a month. It would help if you never rinsed with hot or cold water. If you wear your jewelry, you can wear it once a week.  

It would help if you had a clear quartz or selenite rod. If you are looking for a way to cleanse lousy energy from green amethyst, you are in luck.    

Circle it with quartz green and clean it. The best way to purify it is to enjoy it in the moonlight during a full moon cleanse. The Tibetan Singing Bowl is an effective method of cleaning your crystals with prasiolite. You can clean any crystal you use; you have to use it properly. 

How Can You Tell a Fake Prasiolite? 

Now that you are convinced that the right gemstone is for you, it is time for you to buy. The problem with gems is that many fraudulent dealers sell counterfeit gemstones to ordinary people who do not have the knowledge to know the difference between an original and a copy. 

In the case of prasiolite, it may be impossible to tell whether the difference is that one is heated to the original and simulated heated. Both have similar properties when heated, and both go back to their actual color when reheated. So I will give you a few tips to help you distinguish between fake and authentic gems. 

The first thing to look out for is color. Gemstones come in various colors, so be sure to check the consistency of one color of the gemstone against another. A fake is likely to have a contradictory color, especially when heated. 

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You may be surprised to know that a uniform color can reduce the value of a gem, but it is essential to distinguish between the two. Your second statement is the clarity of the gemstone. Examine every form of prasiolite to find out if it is authentic or not. 

The inclusion of crystal, which is clear and visible to the naked eye, is good enough for you. Another vital indication, which will take some time, is an accurate measurement of the specific gravity of the stone.

The correct method of measuring the specific weight of prasiolite is to place the gemstone in a beaker with water and calculate the total weight. Remove from the beaker and weigh the water. Subtract the two values to determine the specific weight of your gems. It should be about 256 g. If it is not close to 265, you have been scammed. 

To avoid all this hassle, make sure you buy from a reputable dealer so you can enjoy their benefits without worry. 

Where to find amethysts 

Because of their abundance, amethysts are mined all over the world. Depending on the region, they tend to differ in color. The beautiful violet pieces come from Africa, Sri Lanka, and Borneo. Many of the amethysts come from India. In the 19th century, they were exported to Brazil and Uruguay. 

Since the discovery of the mines in Brazil, amethyst has become more expensive than ruby and emerald. There are also many deposits in the Czech Republic. The amethyst of the Cibousov Ore Mountains is decorated with essential artifacts, but not in Bohemia. 

They can be found, for example, in St. Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle. The Chapel of St. Catherine and the Holy Cross in Karlstejn was decorated with amethyst leaves from Cibousov. Charles IV loved amethysts so much that he had a set for the Coronation Cross. With the leaves, he wanted the chapel to resemble the heavenly Jerusalem.    


Since discovering large deposits in countries such as Brazil, amethyst has lost most of its value. Along with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, it has been one of the most valuable gemstones since the 18th century. Collectors are looking for color depth, red flash, and cut.

Since amethyst is available in large structures, the gemstone’s value is not defined by the carat weight, which differs from most gemstones in that it gains in value with each stone. The highest content of amethyst (called “deep” in Russian) is an order of magnitude cheaper than high-quality sapphire and ruby. It is rare, and its value depends on the demand of collectors. The most significant value factor of amethysts is the color representation. 


Green and amethyst strengthen peace and tranquility and bring generosity, growth, health, happiness, harmony, stability, and fertility. Green is the color of nature, and as such, it helps to reduce tensions and irritations. It also symbolizes self-esteem and well-being. Using green acts as a bridge connecting the solar plexus chakra (the seat of will), the heart chakra, the third eye, and the crown chakras. It makes it ideal for integrating body, mind, and soul into a unified whole.   

Amethyst worn on the breastplate by high priests is known as the stone of spirituality and contentment. Green amethyst has the same properties as purple amethyst. It brings energy, composure, and serenity and improves your ability to cope with responsibilities like a swan gliding over the water surface or paddling on the surface.

She is a beautiful mediator who helps you transform your lower energy to a higher frequency on the spiritual and etheric levels. The stone represents the process of completing the metamorphosis of amethyst into the butterfly jewel of the world. It encourages you to spread your wings out of your cocoon into full flight in a magnificent display of beauty and darkness. 

It will help to clear negative and intoxicating patterns of energy and behavior. Amethyst gemstones have a profound healing and purifying power and are known to free you from dependence on substances and people. With direct love, the amethyst energy increases and returns to the wearer, eliminating negative, toxic behavior patterns. 

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