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How to Clean Jewelry Gold and Silver

How to Clean Jewelry Gold and Silver

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To clean jewelry gold can be pricey, and the day you bought it, you want it to look just as beautiful. With the products you already have at home, you can keep your jewelry shiny and light.

In order to keep your jewelry shiny, there’s no need to buy expensive cleaners. A little time and the right ingredients combine all it takes to make sure your diamonds shine with gold.

The good news is that you can wash your jewels at home — and that’s more convenient than you think. Here, we will explain precisely how to shine all the gems in your jewelry case so that they can remain beautiful longer.

clean jewelry gold with lemon
Cleaning jewelry gold and silver using lemon water and cotton pads can be very helpful

Cleaning Jewelry Gold

One of the things to securely clean jewelry gold is to place a gentle bath with a few drops with dish soap and little warm water with solid gold bracelets, chains, and earrings. Until putting in the solution, bring the small pieces of jewelry into a filter; large items can be placed in the bowl directly for around five minutes. Move the objects around, then cover them, put them on a soft sheet, and cross the splits and chains with a soft toothbrush to clear away any dirt stuck there. Return small items to the tank and rinse it all under running water. Use a soft fabric, dry cotton.

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The way of cleaning gold jewelry – soap and a water

Cleaning Jewelry Silver

A good silver polish, such as Weiman Silver Polish, or Wright’s Silver Cleaner and Polish Cream which includes materials that absorb and eliminate tarnish while leaving a protective coating behind to avoid further tarnishing, is the best way of cleaning and preventing them from tanning up as fast.

Liquid polish can be a little chaotic to use, mainly if you are in a rush so that wipes can be a more convenient option. Also, the right choice is specially formulated multi-layer clothes that are washed and removed on one side and glossy on another side.

In order to keep your jewelry shiny, there’s no need to buy expensive cleaners. You can clean jewelry gold with ingredients you already have at home.

Cleaning Gemstones

The shine of precious and historic stones, including diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires set in gold, can be quickly restored. You may use the same instructions as above for gold washing, but mix the soap with the seltzer water instead of using normal water.

Clean the stones and settings with a gentle clean toothbrush; then dip the pieces in clear water and rinse them with runny water or put them in a strainer. Buff and enjoy the light.   Keep a gem cleaning stick in your pocket to clean the rings on the go. 

How to handle your gemstones gold jewelry properly

Jewelry is one of our best and most personal accessories. Understanding how to secure and look after your preserved jewelry will help maintain its beauty and keep your heirlooms shining for future generations.

Avoid light and heat

Just as harmful sunlight can harm our skin, light, and heat can impact the durability and color of a colored gemstone. Overtime or over, some gemstones like Amethyst, Kunzite, Topaz, shell cameos may also fade or hurt them. Pearls and other sensitive items, such as ivory, blanch under intense light exposure. Additional gems can blacken over time when exposed to excessive light, especially amber.

Some gems with gold may also be broken by intense heat and abrupt shifts in température. The heat will quickly eliminate the natural humidity that these gems need to be beautiful. Pearls can dry up, crack, and de-color, for example. Opals can turn white or gray, grow small cracks, and lose their colorfulness. Yellow gold can lose it’s shine from the sun heat.

Avoid chemicals

Chemical contamination can damage or discolor precious materials – gold, platinum, and silver – and it can affect other colorful gems. Even in everyday substances such as hairsprays, lotions, perfumes, or other cosmetics, chemicals may permanently stain the surface of your pearls and other fragile or precious jewels (such as turquoise). When using a chlorinated pool or using household cleaners, delicate jewelry should be removed. Many of these sweeteners contain ammonia that can be too harsh to render sensitive gems or antique gems.

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Secure your jewelry

Sometimes, the proper handling of jewelry is neglected. Jewelry should not be placed in a drawer or on a dresser – scratches, and broken gems are required.

Many pieces of jewelry come from the shop in a package or bag, which is ideal for carrying. For example, sterling silver in an anti-tarnish pouch or fabric should be stored. Jewelry cases that feature rings and hanging collars and bangles are also perfect, with individually-padded areas.

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Treasure chest (jewelry box) is a great idea to secure your jewelry

Pearls and opals extract humidity from the air and can often be harmer than pleasant by keeping your Opal or Pearl in a dry place such as a lockbox.

You are protecting your gems from scratching or other damage to the impact while traveling by stuffing them into a special box or case.

Most jewel shops give free inspection or skilled cleaning on schedule: jewelry must be checked and cleaned regularly every six months. Look for a jewelry store with a strong reputation and professional experience – it’s a starting point to ask relatives or friends for their advice.

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