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12 Interesting Facts About October’s Birthstone

12 Interesting Facts About October’s Birthstone

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The most commonly known October’s birthstone is Opal. And fortunately, Opals are the unique gemstone for those born during the spectacular month of the year. They certainly do not look like many of the traditional gems that we know most, and they have a lot of interesting facts and characteristics.

Opal is arguably the most exciting, varied, and delightful birthstone. In comparison to other gemstones, opal is amorphous, so it has no established crystalline structure. It takes on a lot of shapes and colors and is very flexible in this way.

Opals are fascinating, and you may want to know about those theories. We do have some interesting facts to enjoy when you get to know this exciting gemstone.

Opals, The October’s Birthstone Have Been Found on Mars

NASA announced several years ago that opal deposits were found on Mars in 2008! Fascinating! As October’s birthstone is made up of predominantly water, this implies that for thousands of years, Mars might have been moist, which indicates that it can also have sustained life. No word yet about whether they might or might not be mined, but space opal jewelry would surely give a reasonably long birthday present.

Opal on Mars
The Mars Fire Opals might show proof of life in the Red Planet

A Very Old Gemstone Back to 4000 B.C

Since what seems like the start of time, the October’s birthstone have become the inspiration of musicians, authors, and other people. There is no dispute about the exact origin of the name opal, but historians are confident that the ancient Rome opal was called “opalus,” which translates as the “precious stone.” Nobody’s certain. Proof of opal objects, however, dates back to 4000 B.C.

opal stone
Opals are a very old stones that dates back to 4000 B.C

Opals Change Colors

Opals range from milky-white to black with flashes of yellow, orange, green, red, and blue. They are a color that is not only blank but also red, white, and blue. Opals are most frequently discovered in’ white,’ but there is a rainbow-like iridescence in the white opals that changes the colors in the rock according to the angle. The “crystal ball” appears in this radiance.

Contrary to diamonds, Opals are smooth and must be thoroughly worn and washed. Many gemstones suggest removal of an opal ring when cleaning, exercising, or physically doing anything. Don’t use tough chemicals to wash it, just wipe with a moist tissue.

Most October’s Birthstones are from Australia

With more than 90% of the world’s production, Australia has dominated opal production since the end of the 1800s. In particular, Queensland is known for its deposits. However, more than 20 other countries, including Zambia, Ethiopia, the US, Brazil, and Mexico, have opal deposits.

Ancient Cultures Loved Opal

Wealthy roman citizens earned a disposable income and a passion for gems such as opals with a rich and robust empire. Even Opal loved the renowned Mark Antony. He was said to have so much desired of an opal belonging to Roman Senator Nonius that after Mark Antony refused to sell the gemstone, he was banned by the Senator. The Opal for his lover Cleopatra is said to have been loved by Mark Antony.

Opals Are Soft Material

Contrary to diamonds, opals are smooth and must be thoroughly worn and washed. Many gemstones suggest removal of an opal ring when cleaning, exercising, or physically doing anything. Don’t use tough chemicals to wash it, just wipe with a moist tissue.

It takes a long time for Opals to develop.

It was not just in human minds and hearts that opals took hundreds of, if not thousands of years to shape. According to the most common hypothesis, 20 to 30 million years ago silica (from which Opal is produced) overwhelmed sections of Australia. This silica solidified between rocks and crevices in order to create Opal over millions of years.

Opal, October's Birthstone Collection of Australia
Opals of Australia in a collection

Many Types of Opal

There are many different types of Opal in the precious opal family. Each has its own distinctive combinations of colors and features. You can find opals like orange, yellow, red, green, blue or violet. Black opals are one of the rare gemstones, but also a number of dark colors.

A Great Gift For the Loved Ones

In October 1912, Opal became an official birthstone. At this time, the National Jewelry Association met to end the long-standing dispute about gemstones each month. Since the 15th century, Opal has been a known winner for October.

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There are also Zodiac birthstones not only from every month. Your zodiac sign’s birthplaces are not specified as the monthly birthplaces that the National Jeweler Association cemented.

Most cultures have connected various gems with astrological signs throughout history. The stone that fits your sign depends in no small degree on the list or community to follow. The Scorpio and Libra signs, which coincide with October, were often aligned with Opal.

great gift
Opal is the official gift of gemstone for the 14th anniversary of marriage.

The Official Birthstone of October

In October 1912 Opal was the official birthplace. A long discussion was held at that moment about which gemstones each month the National Association of Jewelers came together. Since the 15th century, Opal has been an obvious winner for October.

Opal Has Advantages

Many individuals think that it is bad luck to wear an opal if it is not your birthstone or buy your Opal. There are many tales of opals being lost or demolished, and this superstition is blasphemed by the proprietor. One cause of the development of the superstition may be because opals are a weaker and damage-prone stone.

Opal Is Normally Left Untreated

In contrast to many other gemstones, opals are generally left to their natural condition. Some popular treatments, however, are fracture filling and smoke therapy used to obscure the stone.

What is your favorite piece of October’s Birthstone? In the comments section below, let us know! Seek out our ultimate birthstone guide and let us know what kind of jewelry do you like?

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