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List Of Top 7 Red Precious Stones : Thinking Red

List Of Top 7 Red Precious Stones : Thinking Red

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Red precious stones are one of the most common gemstone colors in the world. For centuries stones like garnets, rubies, and pink diamonds were valued. Why the red gemstones that have such an attraction? It’s a beautiful color, which looks impressive on nearly every skin tone. Moreover, the red colour signifies our most substantial feelings like love, desire, and passion. Red precious stones are, therefore, a great gift to a loved one to mean compassion or empathy.

When you think of red precious stones, the ruby is the first gemstone you recall. Red gemstones are much desired and include fire opal, garnet, and spinel. Red tourmaline is often commonly referred to as rubellite, rhodolite and red topaz. Most of the red gemstones are just slightly red, and others are pure red.

Regardless of its significance, red gemstones are evident in every form of a gem. There are several types of red gemstones in a range of colours and costs. In this article, we show and explain to you the top 7 red precious stones in the jewelry world today.


The Latin term of Ruby meaning is Rubeus, is red. Rubies are the red corundum type with the other corundum colors known as sapphires. Corundum is nine on the Mohs scale and is the second hardest material. The ruby’s hardness, silky shine, and vivid color make it so precious.

Rubies are one of the red precious stones that on demand. Pure, untreated rubies are very scarce and costly so that most of the rubies that you’ll find on the market are synthetic or somehow handled. Many rubies are treated with heat to improve color and make them more attractive. Don’t worry as the details are listed on the authenticity certificate with the stone. If you want the best ruby range, choose the red color of the pigeon’s blood. These are the most elegant and luxurious but also the most expensive.

Jewelry rings with amethyst and ruby

Rubies can vary from pink to green, purple, and brownish-red tinges. The color depends on the quality of iron and stone chromium. A decent ruby can come at a very high price in a mild to mild dark red color. The color is the crucial factor in deciding the value of a ruby gemstone.

The majority of rubies are mined in Asia, and the main supplies are Myanmar (Burma). Mozambique is the newest Ruby supplier with Gemfields, a major mining company in the region. It produces some of the best red Rubies that could compete with the famous Burmese rocks.


A stone symbolizing companionate love and the bond between loved partners, Garnet was a typical ornament between royalties and nobles. And that all the animals in Noah’s Ark should thank a big Garnet Stone for offering the only light to their religious journey and bringing them to land safely. Each of the stones has a vivid and energetic vibration. With a variety of colors ranging from a ruby-red and a dark- brown to a rosy and orange hue.

The crystal Garnet is founded in ancient history and originates from the Latin word “granatum,” which means “pomegranate,” a reference to its bright red color, which resembles the shiny red seeds of the fruit.
Garnet Crystal is associated, with exceptional elegance, with the heart chakra, making this deep red gem a dark and vivid contrast to other loving stones such as the Jade and the Rose Quartz. The Garnet crystal was also honored by early medieval jewelry merchants that integrated the stone into anything from buckles and rings to necklaces. Even then, it was not only a statement of fashion but a defensive talisman against harmful energies.

garnet red precious stones
Garnet name is originates from the Latin word “granatum,” which means “pomegranate,” a reference to its bright red color, which resembles the shiny red seeds of the fruit.

Mexican Fire Opal

The Mexican Fire Opal is one of the most beautiful, unusual, and versatile red precious stones. Many people are surprised to learn, however, that this stone is part of the luxury opals chain. This stone does not look like the typical definition of opals due to the vivid, exquisite color and faceted design of the Fire opal.

Mexico is, of course, the Mexican fire opal’s primary source. Mexican fire opals are unearthed in open-cast mines in Queretaro, Mexico, and are highly valued. However, the gem can also be located in Australia, Honduras, the U.S., and Guatemala, which are considered to have more valuable plants. For several decades, Germany imported much of Mexico’s most beautiful fire opals.

This stone has several positive attributes, which it can add to your life. The Fire Opal is an unbelievable stone, mainly if you are not self-confident and timid. The Fire Opal stone contained in this stone will increase your assurance. Moreover, it will change how you see yourself.

mexican fire opal
The Fire Opal is one of the most beautiful, unusual, and versatile red precious stones.

Red Spinel

The natural spinal gem is unique and a lovely red precious stones. The public understanding of Spinel is blurred by synthetic and spinel materials. The synthetic Spinel is cheap and widely available. The natural Spinels are almost all untreated in today’s industry. They are even more appealing due to their comparatively low sizes, availability in virtually all colours, toughness, and adequacy for most jewelry.

Spinel is a stunning and exciting gem that enjoys the recognition and respect it deserves again. Spinel stone is a pure mineral with many natural energy properties and benefits. In spiritual realms, almost every color is recognized for these waves of energy and much more.

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Spinel crystal contributes high energy to every effort and every world. It is famous for attracting capital, wealth, social good, and productivity. It can also be used to add energy to any outer world effort.

red spinel
Spinel stone is a pure mineral with many natural energy properties and benefits.

Red Tourmaline

Tourmaline, along with the opal, is the primary birthstone for October. The stone was first found in the late 1600s and early 1700s by Dutch merchants off the west coast of Italy. The word tourmaline is derived from the Sinhalese term “turmali,” which at that time was the term given to all colorful crystals in Sri Lanka. This all-inclusive name suggests the inability to separate tourmalines from other stones by ancient gem merchants. In reality, pink and red tourmaline were believed to be rubies at one period in history. 

Red Tourmaline is one of the most beautiful and dazzling red precious stones of the vivid family of tourmalines. The beautiful colors that range from violet pink to violet red can inspire you. Even if you put a Red Tourmaline under various lighting styles, it’ll still be one of the most beautiful stones you can ever see.
The Red Tourmaline is one of Tourmaline’s most expensive and coveted stones. It is present in the U.S, Mozambique, Nigeria Madagascar, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Nigeria.

red tourmaline
Natural two-color rubellite tourmaline facet gem- very rare


Rhodolite is widely known as the “rose stone,” as it belongs to the gems garnet family. It is present in red, red, and violet in various shades.
The stone is a garnet type. It is thought that Rhodolite was first reported in North Carolina, but you can find this gem also in India, Africa, and Brazil.

rhodolite gemstone

Red Topaz

Topaz is the Greek word “topazion” that is derived from “tapas” in Sanskrit, which means fire. This blazing gem has been connected for a long time to the Egyptian Island of Topasios, which is now known as St. John’s Island in the Red Sea. Although the Biblical Scriptures in the Old Testament refer to topaz, their actual discovery is prehistorical and without any dates or locations. The first modern topaz gems were yellow crystals found in Germany in 1737.

Topaz is seen in a large variety of light yellow and greenish-blue honey-colored pink and red colours. Because of its beautiful and uncommon red color, topaz is the rarest and most coveted variety.

red topaz ring
Red Topaz ring with diamonds in 14K white gold.
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