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The Color and Meaning of January Birthstone

The Color and Meaning of January Birthstone

Garnet Diamond Wedding Ring

Get to know January birthstone: Garnet.

January Birthstone Color

Although the Garnet is usually linked with a variety of red hues, it also sometimes appears in other colors.

January Birthstone - Heart Garnet
Red heart shaped garnet

The birthplace of January, Garnet, is designed to keep the wearer safe while on the move. Garnets are from deep rock layers and stand against extreme differences in temperature. Geologists study Garnets to comprehend the temperature and pressure impacts on rocks around them.

January Birstone Heart Ring
Engagement Ring with Garnet heart shape.

January Birthstone Facts

  • Garnets were also considered nightmares prevention. If you daydream of wasting a Garnet necklace, your future will be an unexpected chance.
  • The Garnet represents stability, sincerity, and belief, which the wearer was designed to maintain during his travels securely.
  • Not all mined Garnets are used as gems, but in products such as garnet-coated sandpaper, lower quality Garnet is used.
  • While many gemstones, if not most, are mined underground, Garnets are not mined.
  • Garnets have a proud and beautiful history to wear. Old warriors thought grenades would bring them to win.
  • The name “garnet” is originated from a term meaning “seed,” because it looks like a pomegranate seed in its color and shape.
  • Garnets were believed to safeguard their wearer from poisons, injuries and poor dreams as well as healing anxiety in the Middle Ages. Red Garnet especially relieved fever, bleeding, and inflammatory conditions.

What is your favorite piece of January Birthstone? In the comments section below, let us know! Seek out our ultimate birthstone guide and let us know what kind of jewelry do you like?

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