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The Color and Meaning of September Birthstone

The Color and Meaning of September Birthstone

Sapphire ring worn on the finger - September Birthstone

Get to know September birthstone: Sapphire.

What is Sapphire?

Sapphire is the traditional building block for September. Sapphires are mined from the mineral corundum, just like the ruby, the baby stone for July. Sapphire, ruby, and emeralds have the same formations of crystals and chemicals. If the color of the corundum is purple to deep, it is called the ruby. It’s called an emerald when it’s green. It was called a Sapphires if it is a deep, wealthy blue. Corundum exists in all rainbow colors, but the red, green, and blue are the most precious.

earring with colorful blue gems on black background
Beautiful earring with colorful blue gems on black background

What is the September birthstone color?

Deep blue is the best quality of the birthstone color, the sapphire. The closer the stone to a dark blue velvet, the more precious it is.

Sapphire ring - September Birthstone
Sapphire ring isolated on white background

Fun Facts about September birthstone

  • In Australia and Kashmir, China and Cambodia, sapphires have been found worldwide.
  • It was the largest Sapphire of the Millennium, cut and polished with a weight of 61,500 carats.
  • To enhance their color and clarity, most natural Sapphires receive heat treatments. This industry-accepted practice leads to continuous improvement and helps safeguard them from accidental cutting.
  • Larger sapphires with up to 2 karats are prevalent. Not hard to locate in various colors, larger sapphires up to 10 karats.
  • The Latin sapphire, meaning “blue,” is used as a term sapphire.
  • For September, Sapphire is the birthplace. It is also a traditional present for those who celebrate their 5th or 45th birthdays.
  • Frequently associated with commitment and dignity, sapphires are a favorite gem of royalty.

Healing powers of the birthstone for September

  • The birthplace of September is sincere, honest, pure, and trustworthy. It is one of the famous gems for engagement rings because of its importance. If given to a beloved, the good news of Venus should be shunned from evil. The clergy of the middle of the century had sapphire to appeal to heaven.

The birthplace of September is also thought to alleviate several health problems such as cancer, bruising, swelling, fever, and hearing problems.

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