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The Complete Guide to Cleansing Your Aura and How it Can Benefit You

The Complete Guide to Cleansing Your Aura and How it Can Benefit You

Cleansing Your Aura

The words “aura” and “cleansing” don’t usually come together in the same sentence. But that’s not to say they’re not related at all. The Aura is the vibrational field surrounding each living thing on Earth and is considered a massive aspect of our existence. However, we know very little about how it works or what needs to be done to have optimum health and wellbeing. That’s where cleansing comes into play.

This article will provide everything you need to know about cleansing your Aura.

The History of Aura Cleansing

According to some Indian healing methods, the human body has seven main energy centers called chakras. It is believed that there are a lot of subtle issues within our systems that can hamper our ability to be at optimal health and wellbeing. As a result, we might not live life to the fullest or experience our best state of mind, where aura cleansing comes in.

Things that can become stuck or blocked in our bodies, such as emotions, negative thoughts, or feelings, will prevent us from experiencing a healthy aura. Cleansing is said to help break through these layers and allow the good energy to flow freely throughout our body and Aura.

The Chakras and What They Do

Each one of the seven chakras has a specific role to play in how we can experience ourselves. Some practitioners believe these are the same chakras to be the primary energy centers in our bodies.

If you’re experiencing many health issues, you might want to consider reading about the chakras on the site here. The chakras work together to create a healthy life for each of us.

So, to better understand how aura cleansing works, it’s essential to know what the chakras are and their purpose within our lives.

How Does Cleansing Aura Work?

Many techniques are used to create an unmistakable aura, such as energy work, vibration techniques, and color healing. Energy work focuses on cleansing the Aura by removing any physical or energetic build-up that might be present.

Color healing removes any negative emotions or health issues, which can otherwise block the Aura. This is done using different colored stones and crystals, although some practitioners also prefer a crystal grid.

Vibrational techniques help us experience joy and positivity within our bodies and environment. It can be done throughout the day with specific mantras or by using different musical instruments.

No matter the technique you choose to work with, it’s important to remember that it might take time for you to experience any actual results. While the long-term effects are highly beneficial, we can do things to support our practice and enhance our wellbeing. For example:

10 Best Ways To Cleanse Your Aura

Since aura cleansing is believed to be so crucial within the healing fields, there are a lot of methods that you can choose from. To help you determine which practices are best for you, here is a comprehensive list of the ten best ways to cleanse your Aura:

Cleansing Your Aura by meditation
Young woman meditates while practicing yoga. Freedom concept. Calmness and relax. Beauty woman doing yoga. Healthy and yoga concept. Fitness and sports

1. Meditate: Meditation is an excellent way to start work regarding self-improvement or health improvement. Most people don’t believe in meditation, or they don’t think it’s necessary. But, it’s proven that meditation can significantly increase your mental focus, improve your memory skills and help to slow down the aging process.

2. Practice Yoga: Yoga is also very beneficial when learning how to cleanse your Aura. It helps you feel at peace with yourself and others and connect with the world around you in a way that many people never do or can do. However, remember that you should not practice yoga if you’ve got any physical injuries, as this can cause pain.

practice yoga

3. Visualize: One of the simplest ways to cleanse your Aura and eliminate any blockages is to imagine that you can reach out and touch a specific area with your hands. Make sure to focus on each one of the chakras in particular as you do this and visualize how they work in your life.

4. Open Your Chakras: As mentioned above, the seven chakras are responsible for many different things in our bodies. By opening them, you can cleanse your body and Aura, as these are the first steps in getting rid of any energy blocks that could be hampering your overall health and wellbeing.

5. Fire Water Meditation: This is one of the most common types of aura cleansing out there, which involves keeping a crystal over your crown chakra for about 5 minutes or so every day. It’s recommended that you keep a fire or water crystal over your head, such as an amethyst or aquamarine. It will help activate the chakra and create a positive flow of energy. Try this for about 20 minutes each day for two weeks. You’ll feel benefits such as more clear thoughts and a calmer mind almost immediately.

6. Apply Essential Oils: Essential oils are vital for cleansing our Aura and bodies. Not only do they smell incredible and give our home a vibrant vibe, but they also provide us with a range of different health benefits. You could even make your essential oil at home, which would help you learn how to cleanse your Aura and other ailments.

Essential Oils
essential oil for aromatherapy

7. Take a Bath: Using a bath or shower can also be beneficial in this type of situation. It can help clear out all the harmful toxins from your body and spirit. Furthermore, it’s believed that a boiling bath can have the power to cleanse your Aura as well, especially if you’re having any issues with negative energy or blockages in the chakras themselves.

8. Use Crystals: Crystals are also vital to help you cleanse your body and Aura. They have been used for thousands of years, and we can see why. There are many different types of crystals out there you can choose from, but you must find ones that feel best for you and work with your body’s natural energy.

9. Listen to Music: Some people might think that music is only there to entertain us and make us feel good. However, music is also said to have a powerful ability to transform the space around us and even our whole world. Some people believe that music can heal and clean the Aura.

10. Find a Mediator: If you don’t want to do all of these things on your own, you might be able to find a specific type of therapist who can help you out.

The Best Essential Oils For Cleansing Your Aura 

After you learn how to cleanse your Aura, you will want to know the best essential oils you could use. There’s a reason why some people will spend thousands of dollars on these products, and it’s because they work. Here are the most popular oil for cleansing your Aura

1. Bergamot: If we’re honest with ourselves, most of us know that bergamot essential oil can be challenging to find and very expensive to buy. That’s why many people will substitute it with tea tree essential oil instead of using it on its own.

2. Clove: Clove essential oil is another excellent option that you should be aware of. Many people say that this scent has a powerful aroma and is a good starter fragrance for anyone who wants to cleanse their Aura naturally.

3. Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus is one of the most well-known aromatherapy essentials. Many people love this scent and say it’s excellent for clearing your mind and helping to improve your sense of smell.

4. Lavender: Lavender is one of the most popular plant-based essential oils globally and can be used in various ways. You can either use it to cleanse your Aura or inhale its scent.

5. Lemon: Lemon is another option you could use if you don’t like the smell of bergamot, and it’s less expensive overall. Although, we do recommend using bergamot essential oil on its own over lemon to get the best results.


6. Petitgrain: This essence also has a great smell and works well with other oils like lavender or frankincense.

7. Rose: This scent is prevalent among women, and you can use it in many different ways. Some people use rose essential oil as a fragrance in their home, while others use it as a body spray before they leave the house.

8. Rosemary: healers have used Rosemary oil for centuries to improve memory, increase alertness, and relieve pain throughout the entire body.

9. Sandalwood: Many people use essential oil because it has a calming yet uplifting scent.

10. Ylang Ylang: This essence is sometimes nicknamed the love essence. It has a lovely and soothing aroma that works well with lavender, eucalyptus, bergamot, and other essential oils for a natural aromatherapy body mist.

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Benefits of Cleansing Aura

Many people who try a different approach to aura cleansing tend to experience many health benefits. Not only do these benefits give us a fresh state of mind and improved quality of life, but they also improve our bodies so we can live healthier longer. 

The following are some of the benefits of cleansing your Aura::

1. Stress Relief

Cleansing your Aura can help you avoid a stressful lifestyle. Because a lot of stress can get stuck in our bodies from negative thoughts and feelings, cleansing can help eliminate that energy, so it doesn’t add to your stress. It will help you have a better life overall and prevent any potential issues that might arise during your daily life.

2. Better Mental Health

When you have a good balance of energy within your body, you’re going to experience better mental health. It will help you find solutions to problems you’re having, such as anxiety and depression, which can help bring you more joy. You’ll be able to breathe easier and have more energy to get your daily tasks done.

3. Better Health

Stress can cause health issues in some people, but you can better prevent those from happening with a healthy aura. When your body is in a good state of mind, it will react to avoid any major issues from occurring. Breakthroughs are more likely to happen, and your overall health will be much better.

4. More Spiritual Growth

When you’re experiencing a good energy flow within your Aura, it can help you break through all of the problems that may be holding you back from fully experiencing life. The energy is much more vital and more precise, which will help you experience a higher quality of life. You’ll feel more optimistic, which will lead to other breakthroughs in your spiritual growth.

5. Better Physical Health

If you’re feeling sick or have a chronic medical condition, it’s essential to consider aura cleansing. Aura cleansings can help improve your physical health and overall condition, giving you better chances of living longer and having a better quality of life. A healthy body will eventually get you in a general state of health where you won’t feel sick or suffer from those issues anymore.

6. Physical Pain Relief

Many people who experience aura cleansing at least once say that it helps relieve pain in their bodies. Much physical pain comes from stuck or stagnant energy within our bodies, and a clean aura can help release that energy. Therefore, you might feel much better after cleaning your Aura.


The Aura is the energy field that surrounds our body, and it’s said to be filled with lots of different energies and information that can help us understand a lot of other things about ourselves and how we can connect with the world around us. There are various ways to cleanse your Aura, and there are many different ways to use essential oils to help you do this.

But, the critical thing to keep in mind is that it’s not just about cleansing our Aura—it’s about strengthening it. By doing this, we’ll connect ourselves more with the world around us, live longer and experience a more positive life within ourselves. 

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