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The Healing Properties of Amazonite and How it Relates to Your Health

The Healing Properties of Amazonite and How it Relates to Your Health

healing properties of amazonite

The Healing Properties of Amazonite

Your body possesses energy centers called Chakra. Each of these centers is a part of a whole system that brings balance to your health, mind, body, and soul. It also keeps you grounded, making sure you are close to your roots.

When trying to heal or re-energize your Chakra, earth stones are a common way. People believe that they vibrate at a frequency similar to your Chakra, thus the bond between healing stones and Chakra. Amazonite is one of the Chakra healing stones, and if you want to learn more about it, this is the right place.

First, we start with a small geology lesson then proceed to the meaning and healing properties of Amazonite.

amazonite stones

The Geology of Amazonite

Amazonite is a smooth stone with a green to a bluish-green color. It has been around for over 2,000 years, with the first discovery being in archeological excavations in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Today, Amazonite is a rare gem that you find only on one-of-a-kind jewelry. Jewelry makers do not use Amazonite very often because of its rarity. However, you can find some stones when visiting a gem or mineral show, a crystal shop, or an online crafts marketplace.

Although Amazonite is a rare gem, it easily scratches. Therefore, you should take care when you wear it. Pendants, pins, and earrings are the perfect examples of how you can keep them from abrasions. Also called the Amazon Jade, Amazonite has a blue color thanks to small quantities of lead and water.

What does Amazonite mean?

Like the oceans deep and ancient, Amazonite captures the same feeling in the turquoise-green color it possesses. It poses a calm and soothing demeanor, which acts on your soul. Amazonite is not only bold but also a powerful stone.

It stays true to its name, like the great Amazon River.

Amazonite is bold as the women associated with it. It is also calming and soothing, but it tempers aggression. The quick-to-scratch property demands better care. In a way, it tames the irrational and provides a strike in harmony and balance.

Amazonite, Also called the Stone of Truth and Courage, empowers people to search for themselves to discover their truths and integrity. It encourages you to get the courage to express your thoughts and emotions.

Most importantly, Amazonite pushes you beyond your fear of confrontation and judgment. You also get to learn how you can set strong and clear boundaries for yourself and those around you.

Amazonite as a Chakra Healing Stone

When it comes to the metaphysical realm, the Amazonite soothes the chakras. The Amazonite speaks directly to the Chakra of the Heart and Throat Chakras. That means compassion and better communication.

When you tap into the healing properties of Amazonite, then you rejuvenate your heart. You can foster better communication, and you bring balance to your energies.

By giving you a deeper perspective on both sides of the problem.

If you feel jealous, possessive, or hateful, your heart chakra may be in trouble. Lying down with an Amazonite in the hollow of your neck can help unblock the Chakra. It helps you become less judgmental and open to love and commitment.

In addition, if you are having trouble communicating in public, the healing properties of Amazonite work on your throat Chakra. It helps you listen more, gossip less and build confidence.

What are the healing properties of Amazonite?

Amazonite has a powerful effect on your communication. It assists you in putting across your genuine thoughts and feelings without being emotional.

Also, Amazonite gives you a deeper understanding of the problem by facing the issue objectively. It helps you resolve a lot of internal conflicts sober and rationally.

For a clearer picture of the components you can focus on, sleeping with an Amazonite stone will paint pictures through the symbolism of dreams.

If you need support, Amazonite is great for aiding in overcoming loneliness.

While Amazonite builds your compassion levels and better communication, it also dispels negative energy. In addition, it protects you from unfair practices and aggravations.

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Amazonite can also be your good luck charm, especially if you enjoy games of chance. It can also bring luck to your business venture and encourage tidiness.

It is all great, but how do the healing properties of Amazonite relate to your health?

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Amazonite and your Health

By connecting to the throat and heart chakra, Amazonite has a direct relationship with the human body on a physical scale. It boosts the metabolic rate and helps you get a good night’s sleep.

By blocking irritants and boosting positive energy, you experience less stress and better sleep. In addition, there have been notable cases where Amazonite influenced calcium levels in a patient’s body. As a result, conditions like osteoporosis and tooth decay become old news.

Also, as mentioned before, Amazonite blocks negative energy and any stress. As you know, stress is an accelerator for many medical conditions. So, less exposure to stress or developing better ways to handle your stress means a healthier life.

The gemstone eliminates irritants. Thanks to its calming and soothing properties, Amazonite is perfect for relieving anxiety. This way, it improves the patient’s general well-being using the stone.

How do you keep enjoying the benefits of Amazonite?

As said earlier, Amazonite is susceptible to scratches. Therefore, the stone needs extra care to keep realigning and healing your Chakra. You can maintain the Amazonite in its best condition by running it under warm water and drying it in the sun for an hour.

Bottom line

Amazonite packs a load of benefits in both the physical and psychological worlds. It helps you become braver and more compassionate and blocks stress, thus saving a lot of medical problems. It is a bold and calm stone.

The healing properties of Amazonite demonstrate well when boosting your confidence and increasing your metabolic rates. If you need a reason to be bolder, braver, calmer, or more rational, the Amazonite is the chakra healing stone.

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