The Moldavite Properties: Effect on Life and Health

moldavite properties

Just like the relative movement of the Earth and the moon affects sea tides, so does the movement of the galactic bodies change our everyday life. But one may wonder, what happens when these cosmic objects come into contact with us? Do they have more direct influences on our lives? Or, can we use them to determine our fate and destiny? To understand this better, a closer look at the moldavite properties rock can put these questions to rest.

Moldavite also has the rejuvenating power to delay ageing by avoiding mental degeneration, leading to the preservation of memory, preserving equilibrium and much more. Moldovite also aids infections in the respiratory tract, allergies, arthritis, heart problems etc.

For starters, the moldavite stone is one of the earliest minerals to reach the Earth’s surface from outer space. Studies indicate that the stone reached Earth about 15 million years ago, landing on the southern regions of Germany with fragments spreading out in other few parts of Europe as well. 

The moldavite stone has strong alchemical properties, and for people coming into contact with it, admit that it carries with it an intense frequency, and holding it in the hands releases a wave of heat traveling throughout the body. The stone’s powers and extreme frequency emanates from its fusion of the earthly and extraterrestrial energies.

Nature of the Moldavite

The name moldavite comes from the name Moldau river in Bohemia. However, most people understand it to have originated from the word “molten” as a description of its form. Besides, this stone is a wonder due to its tektite characteristics. On many occasions, tektites are a form of terrestrial glass that is black-grayish. However, the moldavite stone has a greenish glass-like semblance that further encapsulates it in awe and appeal.

It is this appealing look that contributes to the belief that the Moldavite serves as a catalyst for attracting light into one’s life. Additionally, the Moldavite’s intense frequency adds an aura of power to the holder.

moldavite gemstone
A Fancy Moldavite 5ct Gemstone Has Different Uses in Jewelry .

Moldavite Properties

Moldavite, like other tektites, is made of aluminum dioxide, silicon dioxide, among other metal dioxides. The Moldavite properties comes in various shapes such as spheroid, plate shape, oval, spiral, and rod-like shapes. However, it mostly appears in droplike forms but still exhibiting an amorphous crystal structure. In the Moravian region in Germany, the moldavite stone is often spherical. On the other hand, in the Bohemian area of the Czech Republic, the stone generally comes in droplike and droplike elongated forms.

An Overview of Moldavite Powers

Moldavite is a good bridge when seeking to connect with oneself; the stone does by countering the effects of cynicism and eliminating the negative energy. Through this wholesome interconnection with oneself, someone can connect with the universe and ease away worries and doubts. Most people may not realize this, but, the moment one can ease the weariness and maintain their calm, the mind opens up, helping one to explore solutions for problems not previously considered.

When one carries the Moldavite as a piece of jewelry, he or she allows the stone’s energies to remain etched within his or her vibrational fields throughout the day. In other words, carrying the rock is some form of making one’s luck by ensuring that incidents of helpful synchronicities increase in one’s life

Because of the Moldavite’s vibrations, it is not strange for one to feel a sense of light-headedness that comes with a feeling of lacking grounding and stability. However, with time, one can get used to its powers and gain the myriads benefits of attracting positive energies.

On the same note, when it comes to matters of the heart, Moldavite stones can be of great value to sensitive souls. To those who find it hard adjusting to deep emotions and sufferings, the stone helps in giving bearing and light to the right path. 

Similarly, when close to the heart, a moldavite stone can cause a reawakening of the soul. This reawakening can give one a deeper understanding of the purpose and reasons for life. 

Moldavite Healing Properties

Many diseases are caused by misalignment of one’s energy and chakra or Qi. Moldavite has some outstanding healing properties and is an excellent remedy for many underlying conditions that cause weariness and aging. 

Physical Healing

On several occasions, Moldavite properties can help in the diagnosis of a multitude of diseases. It has healing properties that come from its ability to emit vibrational energy. As a remedy for cellular ailments, the Moldavite supports the growth of new cells and cleanses blocked areas within the body. For the person seeking to remedy the aging factor or alleviate common diseases such as allergy, the stone can work well to heal them.

Emotional Healing

When it comes to matters of the heart, some things are beyond our control. External forces determine where we live, who we meet, and how our interactions transpire. Similarly, when it comes to emotional ailments, Moldavite can illuminate the darkness within the heart and help create a lively, hopeful spirit.

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The moldavite properties comes in various shapes such as spheroid, plate shape, oval, spiral, and rod-like shapes. However, it mostly appears in droplike forms but still exhibiting an amorphous crystal structure.

When many people get to hold the moldavite stone, the warmth which they feel being radiated is the reflection of the ties between it and the chakra area it governs. The gem helps to bring to light deeper underlying issues, thereby leading to emotional healing. Similarly, it also binds the heart and the mind so that the wearer may experience inner harmony and balance.

Spiritual healing

For those seeking a spiritual reawakening, moldavite stones can help one access a spiritual connection and healing. Because of its origin in space, the stone is believed to have a relationship with the cosmic messengers. It helps to bring healing.

Moldavite’s Uses

The moldavite stone is hugely beneficial in several situations. For instance, during meditation, the stone can help to uncover one’s karmic path. It assists in harnessing that inner energy and unveiling a transformation of oneself.

Similarly, since the moldavite stone is strongly linked to the chakra of the heart, it can help eliminates feelings of rejection as well as feelings of being controlled. For many people, it is used to open up the third eye, thereby strengthening one’s psychic abilities.

Since the Moldavite is not a traditionally earthly element, it is not often considered to be a traditional birthstone. Therefore, for a person seeking a clearer path and self-awareness, one can choose it to be his or her birthstone.

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