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What are High Vibration Crystals, Exactly?

What are High Vibration Crystals, Exactly?

high vibration crystals

What are High Vibration Crystals, Exactly?

The world is filled with energy emitted from different things, including stones. Some energy might be destructive, while other energy might be constructive. Crystal, since time immemorial, is believed to be existing for various purposes. Our ancestors have been using these gemstones for different functions like divination, healing, protection, spiritual intervention, and even driving negative energy away.

Currently, people use precious stones not only for ancient purposes but also for technology. Due to these crystals’ capability to store tremendous information and emit frequencies, some are used in making electronic items like TVs, computers, satellites, and cell phones.

However, crystals are different vibration levels. Some have high vibrations, while others have lower vibrations. So what are these high vibration crystals exactly? Read on to learn about them and their examples too.

What are High Vibration Crystals?

High vibration crystals are balanced but emit high vibrations frequencies like every other crystal. They are capable of storing an astonishing amount of data. They help you transform your vibrations to increase energy, raise your mood, and attach intensely to greater consciousness when you work with them. 

Funny enough, these high vibration crystals can let you know if you belong together. Are you wondering how? When you touch them, they generate some heat that warms your hand, send a third-eye buzz or transfer tingles into your arm. It is a discovery by a qualified shamanic energy medicine specialist, Colleen McCann.   

Below are some examples of these high vibration crystals.

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline crystal

This gemstone possesses powerful protective vibrations better for total toxic energy from a space and conveys good luck. It can transmute powerful grounding forces and keep your emotional forcefield guarded. 

Also, it can prevent you from EMF’s side effects and enhance your immune system. You can source the crystal from various parts where high volcanic activity is every day, like the USA, Argentina, Kenya, Iceland, Hungary, Mexico, Japan, and other places.


Benefits of Crystals

Its bright and sunny rays are perceived to keep your spirits high due to its connection with the stellar plexus chakra and sacral. It encourages women to embrace leadership roles and make a business successful. The crystal is associated with wealth and creativity besides helping you believe in personal power and self-confidence and marking healthy boundaries in every part of your life.

You can source the stone from Russia, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Zambia, Argentina, Madagascar, France, Scotland, Namibia, Spain, and Myanmar. 

Carnelian Crystals

Its fans believe it offers emotional support for teenagers at menarche and female reproductive matters. 

Moreover, it helps women respect and value their life-giving ability regardless of age. Mythically, for the crystal to be effective, women should hold it in their hands as long as they can during the menstruation period or put it on their abdomen. 

You can source the crystal from India, Brazil, Madagascar, Uruguay, and the USA.

Rose Quartz

rose quarz crystal

The fourth chakra heart crystal is strongly associated with love, trust, and protection. The stone can promote optimistic energy, self-esteem, emotional stability, reinstate confidence and relieve anger/ stress/tension.

It helps keep hold of ourselves thus make the right decisions. You can find the crystal in India, Madagascar, USA, Brazil, and Germany.

Lapis Lazuli

The fifth chakra crystal encourages telling the truth with affluence, grace, and poise. Also referred to as wisdom crystal, Lapis Lazuli discards bad energy to light up old latent pushes and visions for development and success. 

Suppose you need to revive your dreams but don’t understand how to look for this crystal. They are found in Madagascar, India, Brazil, Uruguay, and the USA.


amethyst crystal

When you feel significantly down but still want to be connected with the higher existent plane, reach for Amethyst crystal. The stone comes with gorgeous curing energy, a more significant measure of inner power, and forges a guarding shield to keep you firm in the space of affection and light.

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Blue Amethyst Geode

It presents powerful vibrations that fend off negative energy or supernatural attacks. You can fetch this beautiful crystal from Siberia, Brazil, Bolivia, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Canada, Zambia, India, and the USA.

  Chrysocolla Crystals

Also referred to as the Goddess crystal, chrysocolla is allied with the throat and heart chakras. This colored gemstone helps women embrace their divine feminine authority via self-expression, schooling, empowerment, and sturdy communication. 

Besides stimulating the mind, it offers serene effects that surface internal wisdom and truth. The stone emphasizes the strength our doings and words devour on those nearby and inspires solidification of character and kindness. 

Chrysocolla crystal plays a significant role in the success and introduction of new ideas in business by improving intuitive and systematic abilities. Since it is a goddess stone, medicine women and high ministers sense its ancient linking and power when they resonate.

Mythically, you should talk to another person about your respect for them or their work or apologize if you made a mistake for 30 days. Then find a secret place, hold the crystal with your right hand, and visualize directing the person’s positive vibes. You give to receive.

You find the stone in Israel, England, Russia, Chile, the USA, Zaire, Peru, and Mexico.  

Did you know that you should clean these crystals?  

How to Clean Crystals 

clean crystals
  • Bury them in the ground for one week. 
  • This way, they are not only cleansed but recharged too.
  • Clean with salty water.
  • However, this method is not safe for stones that crumble when wet.
  • Leave the rock out at night for 72 hours before and after the full moon.  
  • Use isopropyl malt and lax cloth to dab the stone. 
  • Run the crystal through a burning sage smoke.


Every crystal possesses energy and vibration frequency. Some have high vibration than others but play their roles accordingly. Though these crystals’ capabilities are mythical, their fans believe and rely on them for different spiritual healing and many other interventions. 

Some stones are used in technological development and have taken their roles ideally. There is a need to keep the rocks clean, and you can do that using the above-listed methods.

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