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What is Marcasite? A Simple Guide to Marcasite Jewelry

What is Marcasite? A Simple Guide to Marcasite Jewelry

Marcasite Stone3

Marcasite is a gemstone type used for centuries in jewelry. Marcasite gemstone is also a kind of gem-it that transforms small pyrite parts into silver in designs. Marcasite gemstones have a distinct look and are prevalent in vintage gems. Taking a glance at the gemstone marcasite, the misunderstanding between then and now pyrite and marcasite.

Marcasite is a common worldwide iron sulfide. It was common in Victorian times for jewelry and still used for the same purpose today. Actually, marcasite bracelets, earrings, and rings are available at a moderate price. Its name comes from the Arab or Moorish term for bismuth and antimony, pyrite, and other miners. Marcasite is a pyrite polymorph. It have different shapes and forms, but it share the same chemistry.

The two sides had also been confused until 1814. Nevertheless, RJ Hauy was eventually able to find a way to differentiate them. A French mineralogist. It is also plier than pyrite and is known as white iron pyrite. Moreover, Marcasite is rarer than pyrite.

Marcasite Stone1
A magnificent Marcasite stone found in nature

Gemstone History

The Incas civilization is the first known use of Marcasite gems. For both ornamentation and jewelry, they used Marcasite and pyrite. In its burial chambers, there are large amounts of Marcasite gemstones, and decorative stones were found in vast quantities in South America.

Marcasite is known as the “Incas gemstone,” and often used by people round tiles, mirrors, and jewelry. Such mirrors are thought to have served ritual adoration of the sun and as ritual means of future vision.

The ancient Greeks were perhaps not the only ones to produce Marcasite gems in the Old World. The north Thracians have produced some of Europe’s oldest Marcasite jewelry pieces. And also the rich history of Marcasite gardens in the various religious civilizations and kingdoms in the Middle East. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra herself is known to have worn Marcasite gemstones as a way of highlighting and preserving her appearance.

But Marcasite gems reached its “Golden Age” in Europe during the eighteen and nineteenth centuries. Queen Victoria, who wore it as a replacement of the much more costly diamond diamonds, made popular jewelry from the Triumphant Marcasite period.

And because most people were also unable to afford diamond jewelry, Marcasite became popular across the masses.

Marcasite gemstones have a distinct look and are prevalent in vintage gems.


The gemstone used for active meditation is said to be Marcasite. It gemstone aid introspection and have a greater connection with higher spiritual chakras. Marcasite is a talisman, according to many religions, linked to strength, bravery, and language.

It is also a stone that creatively inspires the arts and architecture, as metaphysical features of Marcasite indicate. This stone helps to counter mental tiredness and makes it a favorite for students who take significant exams.

Marcasite and pyrite have also been used as medical items in the Middle Ages. Now, we see a lot of old jewelry using Marcasite. Marcasite, with dark gray-green stripes, is a bright bronze gold color or brass. It is hardness-sized 6 to 6.5 and opaque, with a perfect sparkling metal luster. It is typically limited to small rose cuts. In marcasite crystals, twinning is prevalent and can create a shaped spearhead that is mistaken for Roman weapons.

marcasite stones for jewelry
Natural round Marcasite loose stones to make jewelry

The Art Deco Jewelry

The first famous Marcasite gem was the glamorous Art Nouveau creators of the early nineteenth century. Still, soon the Art Deco designers started to create objects influenced by natural elements, including jars of butter, leaves, flowers, etc.

The Art Deco style became very famous because of its elegance and simplicity and is nowadays one of the most renowned jewelry types.

The 1920s Marcasite jewelry for this type of jewelry is the second most common style. Throughout the 1920s, new methods of Marcasite jewelry went beyond motifs related to nature and began exploring forms, geometrical forms, and styles.

Marcasite ring
Magnificent Art Deco Marcasite ring jewelry in black rhodium

Only after the Art Deco movement, for a much different cause, World War II exploded, and pyrites became important. Increasing demand for sulfur, which was necessary for the Industrial Revolution’s success, came with enthusiasm for wartime. For nearly all manufactured products, sulphuric acid became the staple product for production and was (and is) essential. The industrial development is so important that it was called the industrial world’s “workhorse chemical.” But sulfur was in shortage during the war. The government then turned to other methods to produce sulfur. You may believe the iron pyrite jumped into the middle stage again.

Prominent gemstones have been used to highlight the style as core parts in sleek, geometric designs. Marcasite is used. To date, almost 100 years later, jewelers continue to encounter new innovative jewelry designs from Marcasites.

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Jewelry in Our Times

The days have gone when Marcasite gems are famous only because of their budget-friendly prices. Nowadays, Marcasite jewelry is well-known for its exquisite and intricate designs in the world of jewelry.

Regardless of how common the pyrite and marcasite materials are, they are inexpensive and imperfect. It is the beautiful style and design of marcasite gems, which makes them so accessible.

It is typically used in silver or white-hued metals since color contrast is highly appealing.


Ironical pyrite bits typically have no real meaning except as ancient relics. Yet don’t be going too fast. Geologists often use it as a marker, as precious gems are close by the presence of fool’s gold.
While we do not expect to mine shortly, it is a fascinating possibility, which makes it attractive for geologists and miners. Besides, it does not mean it is entirely useless only because a Marcasite ring or necklace won’t sell for hundreds of dollars. A brooch of 1918 would make a $120 profit. Of course, it is not the jackpot, but if you take other minerals, metal, or stones used in jewelry into account, it is not terrible.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Jewelry is incredibly easy to keep with made of fool gold. Avoid wetting the piece, since stones can be loosened and encouraged to fall out. Even if the part is washed, it should not be sprayed or watered.

Do not clean the jewelry with steamers, chemicals, or ultrasonic tools. It will damage it. Take a soft tissue instead and wash it gently. The fabric may be dry or wet, but any tarnishes outside the stone shall be removed.

When using a moist cover, make sure you let the gems dry before using. Stop sweating too much when you wear jewelry—taking it off before you’re done when you decide to compete or perform some sport. It is all there is! It’s too easy to purify. As a bonus added, the less likely it is to tarnish, the more you wear a piece of jewelry made of iron pyrite.

Where to Purchase Marcasite Jewelry

For antique and ancient Marcasite jewelry, it is best to look for properties, but we advise checking on Etsy and Amazon for modern Marcasite gems. These locations offer a range of brands at a variety of prices. It helps you to evaluate costs and quality between vendors quickly and easily.

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